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The Witching Hour Chapter 14
Kachina stood in front of the huge double doors and swung her sword against it. As it got closer to the door it started to separate in small sections held together by countless amethysts. It hit the door with a hard whack and the doubles doors in response uttered a loud crack as it tumbled to the ground and broke into a million peices. The buildings dark interior was lit up by the setting sun revealing what remained of the inside. The inside looked more solid than the outside. The walls were sturdy, the place was filled with large steel shelves that held a large amount of boxes on each. Kachina motioned for them to follow her inside.
One step inside and a foul smell reached Kaze’s nose. His face twisted in disgust as he covered his face. Suddenly he felt his ears perk up as he heard a weird sound. A soft clanking sound along with a loud squishing could be heard. They turned the next corner and saw four small groups of monsters gathered together in four small circles. The creature
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The Witching Hour Chapter 13
Kaze ripped open the large yellow envelope and spread out the documents on his desk in his bedroom. His mind kept telling him that he needed to get some sleep, he had a full day of tests tomorrow. ‘But how can I go to sleep with all this stuff going through my head right now?’ He thought.
Kachina Kiwidinok 
Age: 16
Current Rank: Captain
Profession: Combat Specialist
Soul Weapon: Whip-like Sword
Skill: Dazzling Amethyst Strike
Place of Residence: Acrouss, New York, USA
The picture next to the name showed a girl with striking blue eyes, long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and was wearing a black school uniform with a short red ribbon tied around her neck. Her smile was so big that she looked normal, like she was a completely innocent person. ‘So she’s in charge of the squad that ranked the same as us huh.’
Kaze’s mind flashed back to when he was in Lily’s apartment.
“So how does this ranking system work exactly? Like how does
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Nocturne: Double-Sided Mirror Chapter 3
"Ok it's ready," Hijiri said.
Hitosyura and Pixy stepped back into the room. The terminal was emitting an orange and yellow glow that got brighter the closer they got to it. Hijiri got closer and stopped turning to face it's right side. He raised his right a few inches in front of it and turned to look back at Hitosyura and Pixy.
"Are you sure about this kid?" Hijiri asked.
Hitosyura nodded. Hijiri nodded back. "Just come a little bit closer and I'll take care of the rest."
Hitosyura followed Hijiri's instructions and positioned himself a few inches in front of the terminal. "I'll head to Ginza after you. Good luck and try to stay alive." Hijiri placed his right hand against the terminal. The orange and yellow glow slowly faded away. Hijiri took his hand off and backed away against the nearest wall. Blue sparks erupted from the terminal and it suddenly started emitting a blue glow that started faint at first then got brighter and brighter as more blue sparks flew out. The ceiling lower
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The Witching Hour Chapter 12
“So you finally figured it out huh.”
Kaze glanced at his reflection in the mirror. The image suddenly changed. His hair color changed from black to bright red and his eyes formed into dark pools of gray. The reflection’s mouth slowly morphed into a sinister grin.
“How about we take this little chat somewhere more private. Sound good to you?”
The reflection’s right arm moved into view and the hand raised in front of Kaze’s neck. The fingers tightened into a choke hold. Suddenly a strong pressure began to force itself on Kaze’s neck. Kaze’s hands quickly moved to his neck but nothing was there. Somehow the reflection was choking him! He moved his hands up and down his neck trying to find some way to stop it but there appeared to be nothing he could do. The pressure struck with such force that Kaze’s vision started to fade and the room slowly started turning into an inky blackness. Kaze’s knees gave way as he struggled to l
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Nocturne: Double Sided Mirror Chapter 1
Hitosyura stood before the steps of the Tower of Creation. He looked upwards but he couldn’t see the top. The tower seemed to stretch onwards into the heavens. The sun shone brightly on it giving it a nice glow that seemed to resonate through the air itself. The barren landscape surrounding the tower, a once prosperous land, was all that remained on the surface of this world. Human settlements lay here and there, alone and forgotten.
While some of them had the honor of sheltering the demons, the others were too broken up to even be considered anything anymore. Some structures made by the demons in their own world however suddenly appeared and completely intact. The line between the demon realm and the human realm was broken and very close to being torn apart forever. The demons thought that they finally weren’t exiled anymore, that they finally could live on the surface just as they did in the days of old. But their happiness would be short lived. For the highest ranking de
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The Witching Hour Chapter 11
The full moon shone brightly over the city of Zegros. Monstrous cries filled the night as people slept in their homes, unaware of the horror that lurked the streets that night. Kaze had found himself fighting four small centipede like creatures in an alleyway. He thought back to the one that he and Stephano fought during the crossover that one time. These ones were probably the smallest version of that creature. The centipede like creatures had razor sharp claws and their teeth were long and sharp like needles. Their gleaming yellow eyes looked hungrily at him. They looked like they were ready to tear him apart limb from limb.
Kaze slashed at the one on the left but it quickly scurried up the wall of the nearest building dodging the strike so easily. The fourth one charged at him, it’s little legs going so fast Kaze could barely see them. He stepped back and poised his sword in front of him. The centipede jumped at him and Kaze struck. His katana hit the centipede’s underbe
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The Witching Hour Chapter 10
"Ok one more time” Kaze said holding out his right arm.
Jason gripped his knives tightly and stared hard at the X shaped mark. He raised his knives up across from Kaze’s wrist. Jason started to focus as crimson flames started enveloping the blades. The flames started to stretch out and started to grip Kaze’s wrist. He winced as he felt the flames searing heat but it strangely went good all at the same time. The flames wrapped themselves around his wrist and kept circling around it as more fire seemed to come pouring out of the knives. Jason concentrated harder as the fire got bigger and more crimson in color. As sweat rolled down his face the fire started circling faster and faster. Until Jason let out a heavy sigh and sat heavily down on the roof. The flames slowly vanished as Jason started panting, his knives at his side.
The X shaped mark was still there. “Sorry man,” Jason said between the panting.
Kaze shook his head. “It’s alright,”
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The Witching Hour Chapter 9
The sun light blanketed the room as the first hours of the day began. Kaze sat up in his bed on the third floor of his hospital room his knees close to his chest. People of Triquaras walked the streets, going about their daily lives. As if no monsters appeared at all yesterday, Trish and her co-workers covered everything up like nothing happened.
‘Ok, let’s if I got this straight.’ Kaze thought to himself. “Some psycho tries to kill me then the cursed weapon turned on him after almost cutting my arm off. It strikes him down, devours him, and then I got a major headache afterwards that I passed out from. Lana and the others find me passed out against the tree with a huge splotch of blood on the grass in front of me. They carried me back and one of Ms. Abell’s co-workers drove me to the nearest hospital. They checked me in as a special case and called Lily and Jason up. Jason and another healer come in and heal me while I’m unconscious. BUt jason had t
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The Witching Hour Chapter 8
The Witching Hour Chapter 8
“So… do you think it’s safe?” Vianchi asked as she stared at the rundown building.
“Probably not,” he answered. While he had been excited to do some exploring and find some answers earlier, Kaze wasn’t so sure any more. The brick, five story building, looked like simply staring at it would knock it down. He was nervous that they could get crushed if they went inside.  Before he could voice his fear to Vianchi though, she pushed the rusted iron door open and walked through.
Inside, there was what looked to be the remnants of what was once a lobby. A front desk, a few chairs, and some picture frames were inside, though it was all scattered around. There were also these really thick plants and vines, growing through the walls and the floor.
“Well since taking an elevator is out of the question, let’s take these stairs.” Vianchi said while pointing to an empty door frame. The door itself was lying
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The Witching Hour Chapter 7
Kaze swung his sword in a downward strike. The enemy screamed as it was torn in half, it uttered a final cry as it’s blood began to form a puddle on the floor. It started breaking down almost immediately. It’s body seemed to break apart until there was nothing left but small black particles that seemed to vanish into thin air. A buzzer sounded and a timer appears displaying how long the training session took.
“Well done Kaze. That’s a new record for you.”
He looked up at the person behind the safety glass window above. One of the researchers, Dr. Parate, was one of the people who observed beginners and studied their weapon’s abilities. However Kaze hadn’t discovered anything special about his sword yet. But one thing was for sure his sword was amazingly sharp and was built for combat alone.
It had been a whole month since the incident. The traitor who stole the valuable information was never mentioned to any of the beginners and the identity st
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The Witching Hour Chapter 6
Kaze and Jason arrived at the Nightmare Knights 2nd HQ during the next crossover. It was a large skyscraper that was in surprisingly good condition. All the building’s floors looked intact and the windows had only a few cracks here and there. The interior had a few dents which made the walls look they would collapse at any moment. The doors were regular glass doors that slid open when they walked through. Inside, the lobby was huge with a long reception desk with six people sitting behind it, four men and two women. Above them was a very large screen with red and black writing moving across it. On the left and right side of the lobby were staircases leading downwards and upwards. Kaze wondered how many floors this place had. He noticed a few people talking to the receptionists, they seemed to have a beast like aura around them. Lily led them to the desk and Kaze noticed that there was a touch screen on the desk quite similar to the large one.
“This is where you check in and
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The Witching Hour Chapter 5
Kaze resisted the urge to strike Lily with his newly formed soul weapon.
"I've told you before, until Jason is informed of everything I'm not making a choice, no matter what. Just leave it be."
“That’s what I’m trying to tell you. I just received a call from the hospital and he’s recovered enough that he can talk now. I came running to Stephano’s since you were supposed to be with his sister but of course this happened.”
"Yeah but I'm going to see Jason myself and until I make sure he's in his right mind and knows absolutely everything, I won't answer your question.”
“Well we can go with you if you want. I’ve been a Nightmare Knight for a while now,” Stephano said turning to Kaze. “And Vianchi can tell you her side of the story too.”
"Sure thing I guess" Kaze answered, shrugging. Honestly the last thing he wanted was a pair of Nightmare Knights influencing Jason's decision but he didn't doubt for a second they'd go
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The Witching Hour Chapter 4
Kaze followed Vianchi to her house after school. She seemed nervous. Kaze wondered if this was her first time inviting a boy over. Behind them Stephano was closely trailing behind, his face stuck in a phone. ‘Wonder what he’s doing?’ Kaze thought. When they arrived Kaze thought that the house looked completely far from normal.
It was bigger than most though, reaching three stories high plus the basement and the attic seemed a bit old fashioned. The outside was painted in a terracotta and it had a beautiful front garden, with slightly tall grass, trees surrounding the sides of it. There was also a big oak tree with a bench under it. There was a blonde girl wearing pink sitting on it, reading what seemed to be a medical book. ‘Who is she?’ Kaze wondered.
“Nicole!” Vianchi cried running over to her.
“So she’s her sister,” Kaze said.
“Yup. Nicole is going to medical school in the next state over. She has a short break right
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The Witching Hour Chapter 3
Kaze sat near Jason with a worried look. He had done as Lily instructed. He found the hospital and asked for Room 280. The nurse at the desk immediately called someone through the intercom and two nurses rushed over and carried Jason away on a stretch bed. Even though the hospital was big he swore that he could hear Jason screaming in pain. Only an hour had passed before he got walked up to the room himself. The nurse told him that Jason pulled through the perseguir but he was very weak and won’t wake up for two to three days. The room was medium sized, big enough to fit two beds. Jason was sleeping but breathing heavily. He was hooked up to a machine that was providing oxygen, the clear surface covering his mouth.
Kaze was still trying to wrap his head around everything. He then looked down angrily. ‘If only I could’ve done something. I was right there and I couldn’t protect you!’
He needed to know more before they got more involved and the only person he
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The Witching Hour Chapter 2
As they walked through the vacant streets of the city Kaze and Jason felt uneasy around Lily. A sour wind blew between them, carrying  the strange scent of blood. Kaze struggled with what to say. Everything that had happened so far was crazy. If he wasn’t careful it could be the scent of his blood blowing with the wind next. Finally Jason got the courage to break the silence. “Okay Lily, you owe us an explanation. What the heck is going on here?!” He demanded.
Lily turned to us and smiled. “Very well, I owe you that much. This place we are in right now is connected to our world if you haven’t already guessed. It has had many names over the years but the one we use now a days is Crimson Night Hell or CNH for short. Before you entered this place did you notice anything odd?”
Kaze looked at her with surprise “A black clock.”
“That black clock you saw is known as the Nightmare Clock. It’s a special clock that has existed for
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Kachina stood in front of the huge double doors and swung her sword against it. As it got closer to the door it started to separate in small sections held together by countless amethysts. It hit the door with a hard whack and the doubles doors in response uttered a loud crack as it tumbled to the ground and broke into a million peices. The buildings dark interior was lit up by the setting sun revealing what remained of the inside. The inside looked more solid than the outside. The walls were sturdy, the place was filled with large steel shelves that held a large amount of boxes on each. Kachina motioned for them to follow her inside.

One step inside and a foul smell reached Kaze’s nose. His face twisted in disgust as he covered his face. Suddenly he felt his ears perk up as he heard a weird sound. A soft clanking sound along with a loud squishing could be heard. They turned the next corner and saw four small groups of monsters gathered together in four small circles. The creatures had a skull like head, yellow colored eyes, the upper body was like that of a human chest but much bigger, a thin layer of see through skin covered the upper body, sharp pincers were connected to the sides of their mouths covered in a green like substance, and sharp long knife like legs curved and connected to the chest with a small bone that bended easily. Kaze immediately regretted looking as he saw what they were doing. A dead body was in the middle of each circle! Blood was splattered across the whole floor as the nearest victim was revealed to have most of their skin melted off revealing the insides. The person’s face was a look of horror as the cold eyes stared at them with a far away look that anyone could only define as dead. The Skeletors were digging into the body, half of them removing any organs they could find while the rest cracked the person’s bones in chunks and started to chew on them. Kaze put his hand over his mouth as he felt his stomach turn and twist with displeasure. He looked up at the other circles and realized that the other victims had the same far away look in their eyes and the same shock of horror. ‘So all of them are being torn apart and having their bones being devoured by monsters!’ Kaze thought in terror.

Kachina flung her whip like sword and quick as a flash it warped itself around the nearest monster. She pulled back on the handle with a hard jerk and the monster screamed as it was squeezed and then a loud crack sounded as the monster stopped moving and fell on the floor. It’s body was in pieces and it uttered one final hiss as it started to disintegrate. The other Skeletors stopped what they were doing and looked in their direction. They all let out a loud screech that echoed throughout the room.

“Go!” Kachina cried out. At her command her squad sprang into action. Kaze and his squad members followed suit.

The nearest monster lunged at Kaze, green liquid oozing from it’s mouth and pincers. ‘That must be the acid that dissolves skin.’ He thought. He swung his sword and with a clank sound connected with the monster. It felt like he just struck something made out of steel as he felt his sword struggling to cut through the Skeletors body. He gripped the handle with both hands and pushed harder. He felt his sword start to cut open the stomach as the monster started to thrash and wildly move its knife like legs in an attempt to strike his arm. He felt his blade give way as it finally struck the monster in half. It’s blood sprayed on Kaze’s face covering part of his cheeks and mouth. It landed on the floor with a wet thud as more blood oozed out of it mixed with acid dripping out of it’s mouth. Kaze slowly lifted his sword so he could see his reflection. He almost cried out in terror at seeing the blood covering his face.

Suddenly two more Skeletors jumped at him. Kaze closed his eyes and waited for the acid to spray on his face. A sickening crack sounded as the monster’s cries were silenced. He opened his eyes and saw Shane standing in front of him.

“Don’t hesitate like that!” Shane told him thrusting his sword into another monster. The monster slid down the blade soaking the rapier in it’s blood as it thrashed wildly. Shane flicked his sword to the right sending the monster flying, landing hard against a shelf of boxes. “Ignore the blood and focus on the task at hand!”

Kaze nodded his body shaking all the while. Shane sidestepped and ran forward immediately engaging another Skeletor in combat. His swung his arm to the right piercing another monster in the chest. He pulled his arm back and forth piercing the monster’s chest with such ease and accuracy that not even the blood spraying all around him couldn’t break his concentration.

Across the battlefield everyone was engaged in combat. Jackson held his shield out in front of him keeping it as sturdy as possible as he stood in front of Jason, protecting him from any potential threat. Anderson was positioned not far from Jackson, he was perched up on a high shelf, his bow loaded and ready to fire. Three Skeletors ran towards Jackson spitting acid at his shield. He glared at them as the acid made contact. He shoved the approaching monsters into the air, landing right into Anderson’s line of fire.

“Inferno Pierce!” Anderson cried grabbing hold of the bow’s string. A ball of fire appeared and started to thin out and form a medium sized arrow burning with intense heat. He pulled the string back, breathed in, and let it go. The arrow pierced through the Skeletors hide and then flared up expanding it’s fire to the direction of the other two surrounding and consuming their bodies into the fierce flames. A few seconds later the flames dispersed with a light sizzling. There was nothing left of the monsters except small particles of ashes falling to the floor.

Aaron and Isabella had found themselves surrounded. The Skeletors teeth chattered as acid started to gather in their mouths. Aaron and Isabella glanced at each other and smiled a scary smile.

“Deadly Winds!” Aaron cried. He pulled his arm back and flung his chakram in front of him. It spun around them twice before stopping near the middle of them. It started spinning in place and out of nowhere a strong gust of wind picked up. The wind lashed out at the monsters and seemed to cut at their bodies like a thousand knives that were sharp as razors. The monsters fell as blood mixed with the leaking acid as they started to disintegrate.

Four nearby Skeletors looked at them and glared at Aaron and Isabella. They charged spitting acid in their direction, causing the floor to sound almost as if it was melting away. Isabella took a step forward and raised her golden claws in front of her face and they began glowing brighter and brighter until her arms were almost two blinding to look at.

“Taste this you scum, Golden Breaker!” She cried making a fist with both hands and slammed them against the ground. The floor ripped open and a line of golden light combined with sparks erupted and hit the monsters so hard that they screamed before their bodies were torn apart and then vanished into nothingness.

“Wow…” Kaze said watching with awe. ‘Now these guys know what they’re doing.’

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa!” a voice screamed.

Kaze looked to his far right and saw Rose being cornered by five Skeletors. Her body was shaking like a leaf and her face displayed a clear sense of fear as she clutched her glaive close and backed away. Her back touched against the wall as she lowered her glaive with shaky hands.

“Rose!” Kaze cried. Forgetting about the blood on his face and about the others he rushed over to her. The monsters saw that they had her as they straightened their hind legs getting ready to lunge at her. He jumped in front of her and swung his sword at them just as they lunged at her. The sword parried them and knocked them back. But however that blow wasn’t enough, all it left were medium sized marks on their chests. Blood spilled out of the wounds and onto the floor below them as they glared at him.

‘Looks like I didn’t put enough force into that blow.’ Kaze thought clenching his sword with both hands.

“Allow me to help you then.” A voice said. Before Kaze could react the x-shaped mark on his wrist began to glow and a huge black mouth erupted out of it. It had several red jagged marks on it, four yellow eyes were on each side of the mouth, and there were two layers of razor sharp teeth with a fat forked tongue in the middle. The edges of the mouth stretched close to the end, narrowly touching Kaze’s wrist. ‘Axenus?!’ He thought.

The black mouth lashed out and with a quick sickening sounding chop it’s teeth broke down the monsters bodies into tiny pieces. The head however was kept unharmed as it fell to the floor screaming as it disintegrated. The black mouth disappeared back into the x-shaped mark leaving Kaze astonished and horrified. ‘I didn’t get a good look at that black mouth the last time it came out but now that I’ve seen it….Axenus truly is a cursed existence!’

“Great job guys but the next horde heard you and are making their way downstairs.” A voice announced.

Kaze glanced upwards and saw a strange cybernetic device shaped like a scale hanging above them.

“Got it Rachel.” Kachina said projecting her voice towards the scale.

“Is that a piece of her wings?” Kaze wondered aloud.

Before someone could answer him a small rumbling sounded from the stairs to the far right.

“How many Rach?” Grayson asked.

“Twelve of them, think you can handle them?” She asked.

“You bet. Everyone get behind me and stay there until I’m done.” Grayson told  everyone.

Kaze took Rose’s hand and guided her over to where the others were gathering. Grayson walked more than halfway across the room until he was directly in front of the stairs. Another small rumbling sounded before the Skeletors came into view. They spotted Grayson and started going towards him. Grayson held his axe straight out in front of him. His eyes closed halfway as he concentrated, the jewel in middle of his axe started to glow until it almost seemed to envelope the blades in purple light.

“Indigo Poison!” He shouted. Suddenly a bubbling purple substance that looked like something close to a liquid came out of the indigo and flowed it’s way towards the Skeletors. The substance touched their bodies immediately making a loud hissing sound. One by one the monsters screamed as it touched their bodies in any it could. It enveloped them until it completely swallowed them whole. The screaming stopped a few moments later as the bubbling liquid gave way and landed flat on the floor. That was nothing left of it’s victims, it was like they had been eaten alive.

Kachina smiled. “Took care of them all in one go. As expected of you my friend. She turned to face everyone with a satisfied look. “Alright we are done here. Rachel’s gonna call in our helpers so we’d better make ourselves scarce before they arrive. Don’t wanna get in their way after all.”

She turned towards Lily with a serious look. “Lily, your squad performed well but two of them were not ready for this experience yet, I expect them to be ready the next time we team up.”

Lily nodded. ‘She’s talking about us isn’t she.’ Kaze thought.

“They’re on their way chief,” Rachel announced.

“Alright then let’s all go home.” Kachina said motioning everyone to the doors.


“Axenus!” Kaze cried angrily.

“Man you’re angry, what’s up?” Axenus said turning his head towards him.

It was night time but Kaze wasn’t in the mood for rest. After the mission Rose wouldn’t even look at him and when he noticed how nervous Jason was, he was sure that they saw Axenus’ black mouth. ‘She’s scared of me. Well how else is she supposed to react?’ He thought. ‘I wanted to get to know her better before I revealed that I had a cursed soul weapon living inside of me. Now that’s ruined so how am I supposed to deal with this?’

Thoughts like that ran through Kaze’s head for hours. It was not until he went to bed that he found himself back in same space in the corner of his mind. He flinched at the blood at first but calmed down quickly. Axenus was sitting on top of his sword looking up then turned when he heard Kaze.

“You were too stressed out by who saw me and how scared Rose was that your feelings led you here. I guess I’m up for a friendly little chat,” Axenus said with a smile.

“That was totally uncalled for you know!” Kaze said shaking his fist.

“What, do I need your permission to come out now?” Axenus asked.

“I wanted to tell Rose after we’d gone on a few more missions together but now that plan’s ruined thanks to you. Someone in Kachina’s squad could’ve seen you too you know.” Kaze replied.

“Relax, everyone was too busy fighting to notice. And besides, even if they saw me it wouldn't be that big of a deal. It’s not like I’m the first cursed soul weapon they’ve seen.” Axenus told him calmly.

“It is a big deal! And how the hell did you get out? I thought that you were chained down?” Kaze asked angrily.

“Dude, first chill. Second, I am chained down but I can get out and use my powers to help you. For now I’m only limited to my black mouth form so I can’t use my full power. In the state I’m in I can only use my powers as long as a part of me is still inside of you and I can only be out for five minutes total before this chain yanks me back here.” Axenus explained.

‘So that’s the ground rules of this situation huh.’ Kaze thought calming down a little. ‘My sword isn’t as strong as his. He’s got years of experience, decades in fact, so of course my blade doesn’t have a full hold on him. I wonder…’

“Hey Axenus,” Kaze said after calming down enough.

“Yeah?” Axenus asked.

“What were your past wielders like?” He asked.

Axenus at him with a surprised look. “You want to know that? Well, I wasn’t expecting this kinda question from you. Not yet at least.”

He paused as a blank look came across his face as he turned to look upwards. “I suppose that my first wielder was an officer I met on the same day that I, technically, died on. He was a rookie and as it turned out the officer that I ate was his mentor. Upon learning that I gave even more into the rage filled thoughts that were trying to consume me. The thoughts encouraged me to use this officer to take revenge on the SPF and used my memories of being tortured to influence me. I wanted nothing more than for the officers who kidnapped me to feel the same way that I had: fear, hopelessness, anger, frustration. I gave in and it told me what to do. How to fill his mind with enough of my own so that I could influence him to kill others and from there control him to do whatever I wanted him to do. From there onwards I killed his colleagues and tasted my first human flesh thanks to that. I lost myself in the taste and in the thrill and excitement of taking another’s life. But I was enjoying it a little too much, they do say that your second time is always more addicting than the first. At one point I let my guard down. I had been with him for two years, tearing down that branch and killing anyone I deemed worthy of using my power on but enjoying it too much was a big mistake. The higher ups were beginning to suspect a traitor and he had too much blood on his hands for him to proclaim innocence. Someone actually witnessed us killing someone so it didn’t take his higher ups to put the pieces together. I was able to escape at the last minute but he wasn’t so lucky.

“I ended up in the hands of someone who worked for a big corporation. His name was Fred Von Trolvoff. He was to succeed his father’s business once he proved himself worthy. I found out shortly over taking him over that the corporation was involved with the SPF. They provided the SPF with resources, guns, tanks, etc. but they were never given the full details of what they were used for. He was hired by his father to investigate them and find out what their true purpose was. I found out that the officer I used before was labeled a traitor and was executed by a firing squad two days after his trail. I offered him a deal, as long as he killed people and let me feast whenever I was hungry he could have access to all the information I had gathered over the past two years. Being the businessman that he was he agreed after he thought it over. I gave him bits and pieces of information after every meal and in no time at all he had enough info to prove to his father that what they were doing was illegal and against human rights. I resisted taking him over completely due to our agreement, and he turned to be a very interesting person. It just is too bad what happened to him.”

Kaze swallowed nervously. “What happened to him?”

Axenus turned to him and smiled. “His father was furious when he learned the truth and used the information that I gave Fred to sue the SPF. But however they already had a plan in motion. As it turns out t the time the SPF had many moles n the justice system including the court’s judge. Since Mr. Trolvoff was the head of the company and had agreed to assist the SPF in any way they can it was the same as saying that they were the ones responsible for all the SPFs crimes. So they were found guilty instead and as a result the corporation was disbanded and the top dogs of the company, including Fred were sentenced to twenty years in prison. I took control over Fred shortly after the trail and hid myself away before he was found and arrested.”

“So they were stabbed in the back. But if you know all that stuff about the SPF we should tell the others.” Kaze suggested.

Axenus shook his head. “No can do. A company’s policy and principles change over time. The SPF is no exception, it changes and adapts to fit the era it’s in. Even if I told your friends what I know it won’t make any difference because they’ve moved past those policies.”

He turned away again and looked upwards. “After that I was left abandoned in an alleyway for 10 years before I was found by a young woman. I never learned her name but she was an Italian refugee, I guess it was dark times for her and her family. I was only able to get her to kill three people before she was shot to death by a police officer. I was taken as evidence to be presented in court but was able to take control of an officer with a high status during the trial. I was able to use that to my advantage and have the outcome of the case tilted in my favor. I was free again to commit murder and he was very easy to control. As long as I was able to fabricate the killings as taking care of criminals the police were able to give him high medals of honor. He was transferred to a higher post in another state and I was left behind as a trophy to be placed in the recruits lobby with a silver nameplate. I had done more than enough killing lately so I took it as a sign to take it easy for a little while. Unfortunately for me I didn’t stay there for as long as I had hoped. A mole for the NK noticed what I was and called them in. I was in a sheath so I couldn’t take her over immediately but i was able use what I had learned after the years to break down her defenses and get her enraged enough to unsheath me. We ran away and boarded a plane bound for her home country, Turkey. From there I jumped from wielder to wielder barely escaping the NK every time. The NKs influence spread ever so wider every coming year and in time at all I was surrounded. I had no choice but plant myself in a cargo bin on a plane bound for the U.S. Since no one on the flight could claim me I moved to a warehouse where all kinds of forgotten and unclaimed objects lay around. I had no idea how many had passed that I was in there but all hope of me saying the light of day again was not lost. That was where I met Iuzoiki Rozell, a japanese immigrant that had moved to another country on the hopes of getting a better paying job. He had only worked at the company that owned the warehouse for a month before he was assigned to clean out the warehouse where I was stashed. He was a pretty well built for his age but had an unstable personality. I used that to my advantage and made him enjoy the killings as much as I did. It was a complete act of pure chance that he spotted you on that day and that I was still hungry for a second helping. And that’s about it.”

He turned towards Kaze. “Things may have not gone as planned with you so far but I’ll take what I can get at this point.”

“Wait a minute your manner of speech, how come you sounded and talked differently on that day than now when you’re talking normally?” Kaze asked a frightened tone in his voice.

“My speech patterns change depending on who I bond with so since you are like this I naturally have to sound and talk mostly or completely the same.” He replied.

He jumped down and smiled at Kaze. “My mission was to take control over you and have you enjoy the same kinda thrill of killing. I was getting bored of Iuzoiki and when I saw that you were a NIghtmare Knight I thought that it might be fun to have you as my next wielder. The conflict of choosing to be good and defend humanity. Or choose evil and kill as many people as I demanded while enjoying it at the same time.”

“You really are a monster, there’s just no other word for it.” Kaze said frightened, his body trembling none stop. ‘And here I thought that Lily was bad for killing people, this guy is so much worse! How could he have been a Nightmare Knight? He’s the complete opposite of one!’

“Trust me my friend, one day you’ll need my power. And when you do you’ll break this bloody chain and set me free. My power will be yours to command but you’d better be ready for what happens afterwards. There’s always a price to pay to obtain great power, so anytime you feel like giving up your mind for the power over darkness, you know where to find me.” Axenus told Kaze with a tooth filled smile.  

Kaze could feel himself start to lose his nerve as the surroundings suddenly faded to black. He found himself drifting into a dreamless calming sleep for the remainder of the night.


“As you all know the next semester is starting soon which means that exams will be happening next week. These exams may be mid-term but they count as 65% of your current grade. Skipping them will deliver you a harsh punishment including some points off what you have already. Now for you slackers it may count have counted in your previous school’s classes but for me just writing your name down and leaving the rest of it blank won’t even give you anything. Your name won’t get you anything. In this school your feats and intelligence are what get you far and in real life it’s the same.”

The school day was close to ending and Kaze still couldn’t concentrate on what the teacher was saying. He stop thinking about his discussion with Axenus and when he tried he was reminded of what happened during the mission instead. Kaze sighed. ‘I just can’t relax today.’

“Now we will work on the rest of the lessons for this semester in the meantime. If we finish early we will have time to make up a quick cheat sheet, but don’t get your hopes up. Life doesn’t come with a cheat sheet after all so you’d better learn that now rather than later.”

‘Yeah well you have no idea what this world is really like. In fact more than half the students here will never know. Monsters roaming the streets, killing quotas, and cursed weapons eating people. I have no idea how many other Nightmare Knights attend this school either. I only know Lily, Vianchi, Stephano, Jason and me. Is that really all there is? Would it make things better if there were more? Would it bad to let others know about Axenus?’ He thought.

Kaze shook his head hard. ‘What am I thinking? Of course it would be bad. Axenus told me all that stuff last night. Not to mention that Lily told me that NK members are trained to break a cursed soul weapon until it disappears. It’s sort of a shoot first and ask questions later type a thing. What should I do if others outside of our squad find out?’

The ring of the bell flashed him out of his head. “Oh, class is over,” he said getting up.

He collected his books and walked out of the classroom. Just as he was about to get lost in his own thoughts again he felt a hand grab his shoulder. He turned to see Jason looking at him with a serious look. “We need to talk,” he said.

Jason grabbed Kaze’s arm and guided him to the roof. He the door firmly and loosened his grip on Kaze. Kaze yanked his arm away as he and Jason faced each other.

“What is it?” Kaze asked.

“What’s with you today?” Jason asked. “You gazed out the window as if you were in a trance during every one of our classes, failed the math quiz even though you always get the top score, and you tossed away all the notes I passed to you in class.”

Kaze scratched the back of his head. “A lotta stuff’s been happening lately, and well I can’t help but think about all this.”

Jason nodded. “Yeah I get what you’re saying. All of this is happening so fast but at least we aren’t going through it all blindly. Lily is starting to be more honest with us, we’ve joined a squad so we’ll never face the enemy alone, and we were introduced to others who share the same fate.”

Kaze stopped scratching his head and looked down. Jason sighed and crossed his arms. “Remember when we met? It was back when I just moved into the city. I was ten and you were eleven, you were older than me by three months. Even back then you always had such a strange face that made you look like you were bored with everything. And had eyes that seemed to gaze off to somewhere far out of your reach. You told me that you always felt like you were out of place and that you desired so much more out of life. Whenever you came over to my house you always seemed so happy. Figures right, I was as free as a bird and able to do all kinds of stuff. But when you revealed to me that you weren’t I felt sorry for you.”

“Yeah I wanted so much more from this world. And it seems that I got that wish. But just not in the way that I wanted it.” Kaze replied.

“Yeah but that’s not all that biting at you now is it,” Jason said. He looked at Kaze with a look that seemed to say ‘Tell me man’.

“It’s nothing, really.” Kaze replied his mind and body not budging an inch.

“Yeah well clearly something’s on your mind. Is it Axenus?” Jason asked.

“You saw him?” Kaze asked surprised.

“Of course I did and so did Jackson. He said that he saw it when you guys were in Crimson Night Hell during a mysterious crossover. He thought that it was your weapon’s skill and was shocked when he found out the truth. I really didn’t want Rose to see it yet since we just met after all, don’t wanna freak her out too much. And since Kachina’s squad was too busy fighting so they didn’t notice.” Jason told him.

Kaze sighed with relief. ‘At least they won’t know about it anytime soon. But what do I tell Rose? How will I explain this to her?’

“Did Axenus tell you anything after the mission?” Jason asked with a serious face.

“It’s….none of your business.” Kaze said looking up at Jason trying his best to dismiss it.

“He did didn’t he? Talk to me man,” Jason said starting to sound angry.

‘It’s nothing really, just leave it alone.” Kaze said sounding angry himself. He wasn’t in the mood to talk about it.

“Kaze, we’re supposed to trust each other with this kinda stuff. You’re the one fighting on the front lines from now on.” Jason told him with a serious face but angry tone.

“Yeah well what happens if I don’t want to huh?” Kaze asked angrily. ‘Was this just all about the NK now?’ “I don’t think I deal with those bloody battles and come out alright.”

“So I’m just supposed to do this all on my own now. Protecting me is a liability for you now is that it? Is that why you’re not being honest with me?!” jason angrily asked placing his left hand over his chest.

“That has nothing to do with that.” Kaze replied. “Are you telling me you’d be okay with seeing those kinda monsters every day?”

“Yeah well I thought I’d be okay with you protecting me but if you hesitant this much to be honest with yourself than I can’t trust you when the time comes!” Jason told him angrily. “It’s been made pretty clear now that in our situation that those who don’t or refuse to fight get killed. I don’t want to see that happen but you lack too much. You’re acting no different than when we were younger. Nothing’s changed!”

Kaze paused with a shocked look. He didn’t know what to say next. Seeing the pause Jason turned around and headed for the door. Then he stopped and looked back with an angry face.

“Oh and by the way my sister called me up earlier. She wants me to meet with her. When you’re feeling up to it come find me. You’ll know where to look,” he told Kaze.

Jason turned away, opened the door, and shut it behind him. Kaze stood there frozen, listening until the footsteps disappeared.

End of Chapter 14

The Witching Hour Chapter 14
Chapter 14 is a few days late but I got it done before it went too much into February. Jason tells Kaze to wake up and be honest with himself. How will Kaze respond? And just in case I didn't say this before, this is not fanfiction of any kind. I just have no choice but to put n that category. 

Kaze ripped open the large yellow envelope and spread out the documents on his desk in his bedroom. His mind kept telling him that he needed to get some sleep, he had a full day of tests tomorrow. ‘But how can I go to sleep with all this stuff going through my head right now?’ He thought.

Kachina Kiwidinok 

Age: 16

Current Rank: Captain

Profession: Combat Specialist

Soul Weapon: Whip-like Sword

Skill: Dazzling Amethyst Strike

Place of Residence: Acrouss, New York, USA

The picture next to the name showed a girl with striking blue eyes, long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and was wearing a black school uniform with a short red ribbon tied around her neck. Her smile was so big that she looked normal, like she was a completely innocent person. ‘So she’s in charge of the squad that ranked the same as us huh.’

Kaze’s mind flashed back to when he was in Lily’s apartment.

“So how does this ranking system work exactly? Like how does a squad increase in status and how does our ranks as individuals work?” Kaze asked.

“Well we use a ranking system similar to that of the military except ours isn’t as long. Right now you three are ranked the same as regular soldiers. As you improve your own rank will increase and so will our squad’s position in the eyes of the NK. The lowest rank is what you are now and next up is First Lieutenant, then Second Lieutenant, after that is my rank Captain, above that is Commander, then General, and above all that is the Head Encirclement.” Lily replied.

“The Head Encirclement?” Kaze asked.

“You see Nightmare Knights normally don’t live long enough to be Generals or aren’t good enough to move up to that rank but those who do are the best of the best. And if they are lucky they are invited to join the Head Encirclement. It’s a group of the most elite and most powerful Nightmare Knights, they decide everything. And the highest of them all is the one we refer to as our Leader. He makes the biggest decisions in the NK and they say that he is without equal. In fact he was the one who issued the ‘no investigation rule’ and made it concrete. He has made it clear time and again that if anyone breaks that rule they will be punished.”

“But wait you said that Axenus was part of a department that was in charge of mapping out CNH. How come this rule is out there now?” Jason asked.

“No one knows the true reason why this rule was established in the first place but it’s been more than twenty years that it’s been in effect. When it was first established there were some who couldn’t agree with it and there have been those who defied the rule. But those who broke that rule always paid the price. And what’s more our Leader granted permission to one of the members of the Head Encirclement to show each punishment to the entire public community of Nightmare Knights, they wanted to make that we saw what would happen if we stuck our noses in where they didn’t belong.” Lily answered.

“So they publicly humiliated people and the main guy who was in charge did nothing to stop them?! That’s just awful.” Kaze said angrily clenching his fist.

“Hey wait,” Jackson said finally speaking up. “I thought they said that our Leader had nothing to do with how those punishments were carried out. I heard from one of the Commanders back home that he never really wanted the punishments to be as severe as they were.”

Lily shook her head. “Whether he approved of their methods or not he still is responsible for what happened since he allowed that person to have complete freedom to do as he saw fit. I may be loyal to the NK but I’ll never be loyal to our so-called Leader.”

“What’s this Leader of ours supposed to look like?” Jason asked.

“Well I’m afraid that we only have a picture of him hanging at our main base in New York’s capital but we know nothing about what kind of person he is. Only members of the Head Encirclement see him on a daily basis. Generals can too but they have to be invited or gain permission in order to see him. They aren’t allowed to reveal any personal stuff about him.” Lily said. “If you go into the room across from the library in New York state’s head base there’s a huge room of pictures that shows generations of countless Leaders. We’ll have to go there sometime.”

Lily crossed her arms. “Anyway we’ll be partnering up with these guys for our next mission. Unlike us these guys have been working together for a full six months now. So,” Lily flung her arm out straight and pointed at Kaze and Jason “you’d better take notes and learn as much as you can from them. And if we are successful their squad will be moving up to the next rank and our reputation will start to increase. They may not look like it at first but they are one of the most respected squads right now. So be sure to show them what you can do.”

Kaze’s mind flashed back to the present as he sighed resting his head on his right hand. ‘She can be such a wildcard sometimes. But at least I found out a few answers to my questions.’

Kaze glanced down at the other profiles of the members spread out on his desktop.

Rachel Harrison

Age: 15

Current Rank: Specialist

Profession: Supporter

Soul Weapon: Cybernetic Wings

Skill: Scale Immobilization

Place of Residence: Acrouss, New York, USA

‘Wait what?! A Nightmare Knight can have a cybernetic type weapon! How’s that even possible? And what’s this ‘Scale Immobilization’ skill mean? Does it mean that she can immobilize targets to a certain degree or on a certain scale depending on their strength? I’m gonna have to ask these guys about that.’

Grayson Miller

Age: 17

Current Rank: Knight

Profession: Combat Specialist

Soul Weapon: Double Bladed Axe

Skill: Indigo Poison

Place of Residence: Acrouss, New York, USA

Isabella Kramer

Age: 18

Current Rank: Knight

Profession: Combat Specialist

Soul Weapon: Claw Gauntlets

Skill: Golden Breaker

Place of Residence: Acrouss, New York, USA

Aaron Jones

Age: 19

Current Rank: First Lieutenant

Profession: Combat Specialist

Soul Weapon: Silver Chakram

Skill: Deadly Winds

Place of Residence: Acrouss, New York, USA

‘So these guys are who we are supposed to team up with.’ Kaze thought.

Rachel’s picture showed what looked like a girl with a camera shy expression on her face. Her eyes were blue, had short black hair, and was wearing a school uniform. ‘Seems like she’s one of those supporters I’ve been hearing about. I wonder, what does a supporter do anyway? If they can’t fight or heal others what are they supposed to do?’

Grayson’s picture showed a guy with long gray hair that tapered around his face and pointed upwards above his head making it look like he had wolf ears. He was wearing sunglasses so you couldn’t see his eyes and was smiling like he didn’t have a care in the world. ‘Geez. Yup, this guy looks like an axe wielder alright.’

Isabella’s picture showed a girl with long red hair, green eyes, and was wearing the same school uniform as Rachel. ‘They must be from the same school then.’

And Aaron’s picture showed a guy with short brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a bright red jacket. There was a crest on the right side of the jacket that seemed to shine like gold in the camera’s light. It was shaped like a shield and below it read “Charles Heights College”. ‘I wonder what he’s going there for?’ Kaze thought.

He gathered papers into one neat pile and shoved them back into the envelope. He clamped it shut and put into one the empty desk drawers. He got up and walked over to his bed. He lifted the covers up and got into bed.

“I wonder what those guys are like? I guess I can meet them tomorrow.” Kaze said yawning. And before he knew it he drifted off to a dreamless sleep.


The bell rang with a cheerful chime that went into a three minute long loop.

“Now don’t forget to do problems ten through twenty for homework tonight. And find time to study for your quiz on Friday as well. Remember anyone who gets an F cleans the room after class.” The teacher announced as everyone started leaving the room.

Kaze grabbed his bag and flung it over his shoulder. He headed towards the front entrance while trying to find Jason. “Where is he? Is he already outside?” Kaze wondered aloud.

He shrugged as he stepped out the doors. It was a bright sunny day, the sun’s brightness beat down on Kaze as he covered his eyes with his left arm. ‘Hard to believe that in just a few hours I’ll be risking my life again. Slaying bloodthirsty monsters while getting blood on my hands in the process.’

Kaze turned and looked around. The sports teams were heading off to practice, girls were talking to each other while others were texting on their phones, and couples were kissing or organizing dates for the weekend.

“I wonder, how many of you are truly human?” Kaze asked. “Are any of you just like me?”

Suddenly a loud car horn sounded behind Kaze. He turned around fast to find a big long black car had pulled up. The door opened and Lily stepped out. She smiled when she saw his puzzled face. “Time to go Kaze, get in.” She said stepping aside motioning for him to get in.

Kaze walked over and stepped inside the car taking the seat closest to the window. Lily stepped back in and closed the door. The roar of the engine sounded as the car started to drive away from the school. The inside of the car were two sets of comfortable leather seats with a sink and champagne on the left. Sitting in the seats across from him were two guys he’d never seen before. One had short white hair, purple eyes, and was wearing a college uniform. The other had long black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, silver eyes, and was wearing a purple shirt with long black pants.

Kaze leaned over towards Lily. “Who are these two?” He whispered.

“Oh yeah I almost forgot, the profiles I gave you didn’t show you their pictures. The one with the white hair is Anderson and the one with black hair is Shane.” She replied.

‘These two are Shane and Anderson? They don’t look anything like what I thought they’d be.’ Kaze thought.

“Hey guys.” Kaze turned to see Jason climb into the car. “Sweet ride Lily. I had no idea you would pick us up in a limo.” Lily and Kaze scouted aside as Jason sat down and closed the door.

“Well now that everyone’s here. I would like to introduce you guys to Anderson Rue and Shane Dawson.” Lily announced.

“Hey there,” Anderson said smiling.

“Nice to finally meet you guys.” Shane said extending his right hand towards Jason.

Jason took it and shook with a nervous grin on his face. Shane moved over to Kaze next and Kaze shook his hand.

“By the way, where’s Rose? I thought we were picking her up too.” Anderson asked.

Lily shook her head. “Nope. Turns out that we’re meeting her there. Kachina and her squad are just arriving so they’ll take good care of her.”

Shane retracted his hand and rested his chin on it. “Seems like you still trust her a lot huh.”

“Huh?” Kaze said.

Shane looked over at Kaze and giggled once he saw his confused face. “Yeah believe it or not Lily and Kachina are old friends. They grew up loyal and bloodthirsty together.”

Lily huffed and looked away. ‘Those two know each other huh. That explains why she wanted us to prove ourselves to Kachina. As bloodthirsty and loyal as Lily huh? Makes me wonder what she’s like then. What’s her soul weapon look like? And…….has she killed people too?’  

Shane lifted his chin off his hand and leaned back against the seat. “Moving right along, we need to clear up two things. One what we need to do for this mission and show each other our soul weapons.”

“Wait, is there enough room to do that?” Kaze asked.

“Don’t worry. Unlike Lily’s our soul weapon’s aren’t that big.” Shane replied. “I’ll go first if you don’t mind.”

He extended his left arm straight out and laid his hand palm flat out. A dark red circle formed and red blood started oozing out covering his hand and fingers. He plunged his left hand inside the hole making a sickening sloshing sound as it entered. A few seconds later it suddenly started to slowly come out as it revealed to pulling something out. And as quick as lightning he flung his hand out in front of him and in it formed a white rapier with a golden handle. The blade was so straight and sharp, so white you could swear it glistened as bright as heaven’s light itself. The handle was formed into a golden flower like design that curved halfway around the bottom. His fingers gripped the handle with the firmness of a warrior that truly knew what it meant to polish his skills.

“Wow!” Kaze and Jason cried out at the same time.

“Impressive isn’t it?” Shane gloated with a big smile. “I’ve had this rapier for ten long years. My skill is called Heaven’s Lightning, it pierces the enemy with lightning strikes so powerful that it annihilates part of the enemy’s body.”

Anderson snickered then sat up straight and patted Shane on the shoulder. “Ok you’ve had your fun.” He extended his right hand out in front of him as he smiled a grin just as big. “My turn now.”

He laid his palm flat facing downwards as a golden light mixed with red started swirling near his hand. It first formed into a form as straight as a stick but began to morph and separate at both tips as if wings were forming. The tips extended and curved farther and farther until it was the length of  half of Anderson’s body. A long string connected the two curved tips together and the weapon solidified. It was a long bow with a golden front that looked like wings made out of tree branches and the string that launched the arrows was completely white, almost invisible and seemed to blend in with it’s surroundings.

“That’s one fancy bow.” Jason said.

Anderson nodded. “Indeed. I’ve had my soul weapon for eight years and it’s skill is called Inferno Pierce. Basically when it activates the arrow I fire is engulfed in flames and can pierce through even the toughest of skin, inflaming whichever body part it goes into. Trust me, it’s a lot cooler when you see it in action.”

“Ok guys,” Shane said to Kaze and Jason. “Your turn now.”

Jason extended his hands out in front of him as he closed his eyes and concentrated. Flames started warping themselves around his hands growing more and more intense. The flames dispersed to reveal two long medium sized knives with golden trimming on the end and flames engraved in the middle of each blade.

“Wow you definitely don’t see a healer carrying around one of these. How odd, they look like they’re meant for battle too. How do they heal exactly?” Shane asked.

“They heal by engulfing the wound in flames,” Jason replied.

“So it’s like reverse healing? How intriguing. When I saw your profile and it said that you were a healer that used medium sized knives I couldn’t believe it. Plus it said something else that was pretty odd.” Anderson said.

“And what would that be?” Kaze asked.

“His profile said that he had a skill,” Anderson replied.

“Wait healers don’t normally have skills?” Kaze asked turning towards Lily.

“They normally don’t because their healing power increases over time and enhances what the weapon can accomplish as well as the wielders endurance. Adding a skill to the weapon would usually not work out and would be too much for it to handle. If it was a small support skill the weapon would ration out what little power it could spare but the skill itself would never be strong in any way. If it’s a battle type skill it would normally be too much for the weapon to handle and the two make-ups would clash with each other resulting in a bad reaction. A healer can’t be a knight and a knight can’t be a healer, we all have a part to play.” Lily told him.

“But I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you, it’s probably just one of those rare support skills. You’ll be fine, after all you won’t be fighting on the front lines like us.” Shane said trying to ease their new found worries.

“Wait so it doesn’t say on his profile what the skill is or what it does?” Jason asked.

“I’m afraid that you’re gonna have to wait until it activates to find out. Well unless you can find a supporter strong enough to detect the skill and tell you. But that’s a pretty rare ability so you’ll just have to discover it on your own.” Shane told him.

“I guess I’m going last.” Kaze said trying to move on. “Here goes.”

He concentrated and felt the blade of his sword cut through the gap between his soul and reality. Bright red light began to form between his hands and his katana fell into them. He grabbed the handle and held it out in front of him.

“Wow nice katana man. It’s so nice to know that there’s another swordsman on the team.” Shane said. “Do you know what your skill is yet?”

Kaze shook his head. “Well that is to be expected, you are just a beginner after all.” Shane said.

“But what if I need to use it?” Kaze asked. “How will I know how to activate it?”

“Everyone finds their skill in their own time and the activation is different for everyone. It will only appear when you truly need it. You’ll know what to do when the time is right.” Anderson told him.


An hour and a half passed by the time they arrived. The car stopped in an abandoned part of town. The buildings were all boarded up and falling apart. Usually only homeless people dared to even set foot in this district. “Where are we?” Jason asked.

“It’s an abandoned part of this state. When the devastating earthquake happened this place was in such bad shape that people just gave up on it and left it alone. This is one of the many places in the entire state of New York where a monster could make it’s nest and eat as many humans as it wants without anyone ever knowing.” Lily replied.

‘Kinda reminds me of how the buildings look in Crimson Night Hell except these buildings here pale in comparison to how bad things are there. I never thought that I’d come here and think of this place like that.’ Kaze thought.

He opened the car door and stepped out. In front of him was a huge factory building that was in ruins. The windows were shattered, almost all the paint was peeled off, and there were tons of cracks in the wall.

“Which makes places like this the perfect hunting ground for our kind.” Shane said with a vicious looking smile. “If you guys have any free time and you want any battle experience this would be the place to go.”

“Hey ya made it.” A voice called out to them.

Kaze turned to see a guy with long gray hair that tapered around his face and pointed upwards above his head making it look like he had wolf ears. He was wearing sunglasses so you couldn’t see his eyes and was waving at them. ‘Is that Grayson?’ He wondered.

Three girls and two boys ran over to them.

“Hey Aaron!” Anderson shouted. A boy with short brown hair wearing a black t-shirt and jeans ran over to Anderson and fistbumped him.

“Hey you guys finally got here huh.” Kaze turned to see Jackson come walking towards them. At his left was a small girl that looked about fourteen years of age. She had mid-length purple hair, blue eyes, her skin was very pale and she was wearing a school uniform. Kaze recognized it from a private school near the city’s border. The girl looked up nervously at him as they approached.

“Allow me to introduce you. This is Rose Almanzar, she’ll be our teammate from now on.” Jackson told them motioning to her.

“Nice to meet you Rose.” Jason said with smile extending his hand to her.

She took it and shook it with a shaking hand.

“This’ll be her first real battle believe it or not.” Jackson told them.

‘No wonder she’s nervous. The higher ups actually expect her to fight in these conditions? If all she had was training so far then will she be any good? They do say that nothing compares to the real life experience after all and the classes can probably only teach you so much. And a girl this young is going to enter the battle? Plus she’s pretty cute…’ Kaze thought. He face broke out into a blush. He quickly gasped and shook his head. ‘No, this is not the time for that.’

“Hey guys come over here.” Lily called.

They rushed over to where she was standing. In front of her was a girl with long brown girl pulled back into twin tails, striking blue eyes, and was wearing a black school uniform with a short red ribbon tied around her neck. “This is Kachina Kiwidinok,” Lily said motioning to the girl with her hand.

“You are Kaze and Jason I take it.” She said leaning towards them, the two of them nodded. She straightened herself back up. “You must be Jackson and Rose, I look forward to working with you.”

Her teammates rushed over with Shane and Anderson in tow.

“This gray haired wolf here is Grayson, the fiery red head here is Isabella, the brown haired guy dressed in all black is Aaron, and finally this is…” She paused and looked around with a puzzled expression. “Um where’s Rachel?”

“Up here chief,” a voice shouted from above. A swift flash of light came towards the ground and landed hard causing the ground to crack. A girl wearing a school uniform, with black hair and soft blue eyes stood there. On her back were huge butterfly wings that shined brightly in the evening sun. Each wing looked like it was made out of small mechanical scales that connected into her back. Over her eyes was a clear visor that extended to the back of her neck. ‘Cybernetic butterfly wings?!’

“This is Rachel Harrison, our supporter. It’s her job in a battle to scan the enemy and give us a direct analysis of their abilities and weaknesses.” Kachina told us.

“I’ve scanned the entire area and inside the building as well. I’ve taken note of all possible escape routes and all humans within the area are a good distance away so we’ll be okay in that department. The monsters inside are middle aged Skeletors, and man do they look hungry.” She told them.

“What are Skeletors?” Jackson asked.

“They’re monsters that have skeleton like upper bodies with sharp long knives for hands and feet. They spit acid onto their prey that quickly dissolves flesh and then they eat the prey’s bones.” Lily answered.

“Creepy,” Rose said shaking a little.

“Well they’re the reason why we’re here. They’ve been eating homeless people and anyone who happens to wander around here for quite some time. Police reports say that their victims have lost all their bones and are left in a state where the flesh is left torn wide open and all the organs are left in a wild mess. We can’t let this continue so we’re gonna kill all them. When we’re done Rachel will call our helpers at the local police station and they’ll clean up the mess we make and what remains of the creatures, in other words the threat will be gone and no one will be the wiser.” Kachina told them.

She straightened herself up even more and glared. “Get out your soul weapons and be ready to exterminate the monsters. Rachel, get back on the roof and keep a sharp eye on our fight.”

“Yes chief,” Rachel replied saluting with her right hand. Her wings flapped a few times before she leapt upwards and flew out of sight.

A bright purple light flashed above Kachina’s hands and in an instant it struck the air with a sharp crack as it formed a long sword with amethysts flowing straight up to the top. She flicked it downwards and the blade began to separate into several small sections and extended until the top part lay on the ground. The amethysts connected the sections and the handle turned from white to gold.

Kaze concentrated and felt the blade of his sword cut through the gap between his soul and reality. Bright red light began to form between his hands and his katana fell into them. He grabbed the handle and held it out in front of him. He turned to look at the others.

Jackson held out his left arm in front of his chest. A golden light formed a large golden shell around it. A red light pierced the shell and burst it open. A large black shield appeared that stretched out in three long sharp points on the top and bottom. One pointed sharply pointed up, one pointing down and the remaining four went right and left. The entire back was covered in gold, the sides curved into half circles, and a bright crimson jewel was on the front in the middle.

Rose extended her hands and arms upwards as a rose colored light formed. It formed a long golden vine with flowers growing all over it. The flower petals burst away and a one bladed glaive emerged. The blade itself was golden, the handle was black with a rose hanging off a silver chain at the end.

Isabella held out her hands, palms facing upwards. A harsh red light engulfed her hands and extended upwards, covering her arms and stopping at her shoulders. The light grew in width and the ends extended to form razor sharp claws. The light swirled as if the claws sucked it in. The claws turned golden with a bright red ruby fastened in the back of each hand.

Grayson extended his arm straight out to his left as a horrifying bright purple mouth came out of nowhere and bit his hand. It extended upwards to his shoulder and retracted with a sharp cry. It formed a twin bladed medium sized black axe with an indigo jewel in the middle of the blades and the handle was a deep crimson with golden rings on the bottom.

Aaron held out his right hand as the wind mysterious picked up. A silver colored wind swirled harshly around it as it took form. It formed a medium sized circle and curved sharply upwards to form two sharp blades. The circle and the winds merged to form a snowflake like pattern on the surface. ‘A ninja chakram,’ Kaze thought in awe.

“Let’s go!” Kachina ordered her yellow eyes glaring with murderous intent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

End of Chapter 13

The Witching Hour Chapter 13
Here is the chapter at last. Sorry you had to wait so long. I promise number 14 won't take as long. Oh and by the way this is not fan fiction, I just had no choice but to put under this category because there isn't anything here for original works. 
"Ok it's ready," Hijiri said.

Hitosyura and Pixy stepped back into the room. The terminal was emitting an orange and yellow glow that got brighter the closer they got to it. Hijiri got closer and stopped turning to face it's right side. He raised his right a few inches in front of it and turned to look back at Hitosyura and Pixy.

"Are you sure about this kid?" Hijiri asked.

Hitosyura nodded. Hijiri nodded back. "Just come a little bit closer and I'll take care of the rest."

Hitosyura followed Hijiri's instructions and positioned himself a few inches in front of the terminal. "I'll head to Ginza after you. Good luck and try to stay alive." Hijiri placed his right hand against the terminal. The orange and yellow glow slowly faded away. Hijiri took his hand off and backed away against the nearest wall. Blue sparks erupted from the terminal and it suddenly started emitting a blue glow that started faint at first then got brighter and brighter as more blue sparks flew out. The ceiling lowered sealing the clear gray walls with it's eerie black. The blueish glow engulfed the room more and more as it started to blind out Hitosyura's surroundings. He covered his eyes as the glow pierced his eyes. Suddenly the atmosphere of the room started to change. He felt like his feet had lifted off the ground and the air was shifting and tugging at him from all sides. He lifted his arm up and saw waves of blue streaming out of the terminal in all directions. To his left and his right walls rose out of nowhere, it looked like they were made of large golden scales. The terminal started moving farther and farther away until it vanished. Purple and red sparks appeared as the blue streams of light vanished behind him. They got more intense as he felt his body shift to the left then to the right and to the left again. The sparks gathered into one enormous surge of energy as it flashed fiercely at him. He landed with a thud on what appeared to be a solid clear surface. Below him he saw what appeared to be a river of bright red sparks flowing forwards. He looked in front of him and saw a golden door that looked like it was much farther away than it actually was. ‘Is this the Amala Network?’ Hitosyura thought.

“Hey, can you hear me?” A voice started to echo in his head. ‘Voices are back in my head. Telepathy again?’

“You could say that but actually that’s not quite accurate. I don’t quite fully understand it myself but the terminal is letting me talk to you directly through our minds.”

“So that’s you Hijiri,” Hitosyura said.

“Yeah. I’m afraid that something went wrong and instead of using the network’s power to travel to Ginza, looks like you fell into it. From how you sound it seems like you made it there ok and aren’t injured in any way, so that’s good at least.” Hijiti answered.

“Then does that mean that we’re stuck here?!” Pixy asked starting to panic.  

“Don’t worry I think you can get out. Even though you fell into the Network halfway there the coordinates for Ginza are still going through the terminal. Meaning that there’s an exit somewhere that lands you straight to Ginza and it’s your only way outta there. The network is a pretty tricky place with it’s own distortions and traps, I’ll help you as much as I can from here. Good luck kid.” He replied. A loud buzz sounded and the connection was gone.

“Alright, let’s find our way out.” Hitosyura said determined.

Hitosyura walked up to the golden door and it opened upwards with a whoosh. He stepped through it and he was transported to a fork in the road. A floating blue orb was to the right. Hitosyura walked up to it and formed into the shape of a middle-aged man.

“You two new here? I don’t recognize you.” It asked.

“Yeah, we just arrived.” Hitosyura replied.

It shook it’s head. Even though the man didn’t have a face Hitosyura could tell that the soul felt pity towards them. But why?

“I’ll give you some advice. If you don’t have a map you will get lost. The network’s path never stays the same for a long period of time so be careful from here on out.”

“Uhh thanks...sir.” Hitosyura said nervously.

He took the soul’s advice and journeyed onwards. They traveled through corridors, ran up and down stairs and outwitted a few tricky traps. After a while Hitosyura spotted a few souls gathering around a certain spot up ahead. He turned the corner to see a wolf with a very long worm like body getting beat up by what looked to be three strange creatures that looked to be made up of red gas.

‘Is that a wolf? And are those...souls?’ Hitosyura thought.

“Hey what are you doing that for?” He shouted at them.

The gas like souls looked at him with an angry expression. ‘Wait these guys have faces?’

“A human? How is that possible?” One of them asked with an angry tone.

“No way that’s a human. Look at his aura, he’s obviously a demon.” The second one said.

“But how do you explain his appearance then. And his aura shows colors only unique to humans.” The first one argued.

“Well there were strange rumors of human and demon experiments starting up again so maybe he’s one of their successes.” The third one added.

“So he’s some kinda hybrid, like a demi-fiend perhaps?” The second questioned.

“Whether he’s a human or not makes no difference to me. He interrupted our meal so let’s get him!” The first one cried.

They charged at him giving off an angry aura. ‘I can fight these things right? It’s just like with the huge manta ray back at the hospital. I might be able to do some damage.’ Hitosyura thought.

He thrust his fist into the first one and sent it into the nearest wall with a loud smack. It got back up and glared at him. ‘It got back up so easily, like it didn’t feel a thing.’

“Zio!” Pixy shouted aiming her attack at the third one. A bolt of lightening struck the soul like gas outta nowhere and it cried out in pain. She repeated the same attack with the other one and it cried out as well. They backed away glaring at her.

“Fine fine we’ll go then. Sheesh you wanna save this weakling so badly then be my guest.” The first said noticing his companions crys.

The three of them floated away glaring all the while.

“Demons like them are nothing but trouble.” Pixy said crossing her arms.

The wolf on the ground groaned as it tried to lift it’s head. Hitosyura kneeled down and rested the wolf’s head in his right hand.

“Are you okay?” He asked it.

It opened it’s eyes and smiled as it looked up at him. Suddenly his body started to turn into mist and the head followed as if it were second nature to it. The mist got closer to him and wrapped itself around his chest until it suddenly vanished as it was never.

“Whoa what just happened?” Hitosyura looking himself over franticly.

“You got possessed that’s what.” Pixy replied.

“Possessed?!” He cried out.

“Relax it’s not gonna do anything to you, it’s too weak. It just possessed so that it can recover from it’s own battle that’s all.” Pixy replied.

“I heard that demons could do something like that but I never really believed it.” Hitosyura said standing back up.

“What? How could you not believe that?” Pixy asked. She looked him over then straightened herself back up. “This may seem odd to ask now of all times but what are you? The fact that you can get possessed makes it clear that you weren’t always a demon.”

“Actually I was human until just recently,” Hitosyura admitted.

“Really? Then that would explain it. Then how are you a demon right now?” She asked.

Hitosyura looked down with a troubled look. “I don’t even know how it happened myself.”

“I see. That would explain how you behaved during that fight and the one in the hospital. You don’t know much about demons and it looks like you’ve never had to fight anyone in your entire life.” Pixy said.

“Well yeah. I’ve never known those kinds of things exist until now. And I’ve never really gotten into trouble or picked a fight with anyone so I never learned anything but the basics.” Hitosyura admitted.

He looked in the direction the soul like gases left in. “Why did those souls attack that wolf anyway?”

“Those aren’t souls, they’re demons.” Pixy answered.

“They were demons?” Hitosyura asked surprised.

“They’re part of a unique type of demonic race which we refer to as Foul. Those demons we just fought are called Mou-Ryo.” Pixy answered.

She pointed onwards. “Let’s go, we can talk while we get closer to the exit.”

Hitosyura nodded standing back up and started walking.

“Back at the hospital I’m sure that you encountered entity’s similar to them right?” Pixy asked.

“Yes but they were blue.” Hitosyura replied.

“Those were Will-O-Wisps, the weakest and lowest ranking of the Foul race. When a human dies and has a very strong desire to keep on living a dead demon’s soul with the same strong desire offers them a contract. If the human agrees the two souls fuse together to make a Will-O-Wisp. They usually mean no harm to the living and only wish to continue roaming the earth. But not all souls are the same and as a result there are ‘others’. When a human soul vows revenge on someone so much that it consumes their entire being a dead demon’s soul offers them a chance at revenge via contract. The two souls merge into an evil spirit that thrives on anger, hate and rage. They want nothing but revenge on their enemies. Once they fulfill that revenge they are released and go onwards to the next life. They are resistant to physical attacks but are weak to magic, that’s why your punches barely did anything.” Pixy explained.

“Then why did they attack that wolf?” He asked.

“That was an Inugami, they’re beast race demons that most commonly carry out vengeance on behalf of their owners. They can possess others and if angered can drive the possessed victim to the depths of madness. My guess is that it didn’t have an owner and probably entered this domain by accident. I guess souls and demons can still end up here no matter how much the world outside has changed.” Pixy answered.

“Huh? You mean this could’ve had a chance of happening even if the world hadn’t ended?” He asked.

“Unfortunately yes. Back in the old world the Amala Network was responsible for two things. The first was a transport route for demons to travel to the human world and back to the demon world. The second was to supply magatsuhi to the demons in the human world. However there were occasions when a rift opened and a demon or a human soul would accidentally get sucked in and trapped here. Ever since the Conception happened and the world ended there have been rumors that unstable rifts to the network have been opening, sucking in demons and human souls. As a result there have been fights for dominance over this realm and only the strongest demons get the most magatsuhi. However the network is a really big place so unclaimed veins of magatsuhi can still make it out. What we just saw was a fight at which the winner consumes the losers magatsuhi. Hopefully we can get outta here before we enter one of the hostile areas.” She replied.

She unfolded her arms and looked at him. “Once we get outta here I’ll have to teach you how to use magic.”

“I can use magic?” Hitosyura asked surprised.

“You should be able to. Every demon has at least one spell up his sleeve. You’re gonna have to learn to control at least one of the natural elements or else you’ll be useless against high ranking demons.” Pixy replied.

‘Ouch! I feel like I’ve just been stabbed.’ He thought.

“Can you guys hear me?”

“Hijiri?” Hitosyura asked.

“The one and only. I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is I found the exit. It’s just a short ways up ahead from where you are.” He replied.

“What’s the bad news?” Pixy asked.

“There’s something guarding it. The terminal is sensing a strong demonic presence but I can’t tell what kind of demon it is. Be careful you two.” Hijiri warned them.

A strange buzz sounded through Hitosyura’s head and Hijiri was gone.

“Great. We found the exit but a demon’s guarding our way out.” Pixy said groaning in annoyance. “I really hope it’s someone easy or else we might be in trouble.”

Hitosyura turned the corner and came across a golden door that was emitting a greenish glow. He stepped up to it and it opened with a whoosh. He swallowed nervously as he stepped inside. The room was was large and in the shape of a circle. Bright red sparks of light swirled all around him.

“Magatsuhi?” Hitosyura said. “An entire room filled with Magatsuhi.”

“This must be one of Ginza’s major veins,” Pixy confirmed.

“That’s right young fairy and it’s mine.”

In the middle of room yellow gas began to gather and swirled together until it formed a shape similar to the Mou-Ryo. It glared at them.

“Why are you here? I thought that the fairy folk claimed Yoyogi Park as their home.” It asked.

“We did but I’m traveling with this guy at the moment. We accidentally fell in here on our way to Ginza.” Pixy replied.

“I see. Well, be off with you. As long as you promise not to bother me again I’ll let you leave.” It said with an annoyed tone.

“Wait.” Hitosyura said.

“Yes….um….young one?” It asked looking Hitosyura over.
“The demons in this part of the Amala Network are struggling to make do. I noticed that the river of Magatsuhi was getting thinner and thinner the more we traveled. Why don’t you share some of what’s in here.” He suggested.

“No way,” it replied. “Ever since the world outside came to an end it was every demon for itself. The more Magatsuhi you have, the stronger you become. I’m gonna enjoy consuming all of this.”

“But that’s unfair to the demons in this sector and to the ones outside in Ginza.” Hitosyura said.

“Like if I care. The outside world is like a battle zone and only the strongest survive. Once I get strong enough I’ll leave, the remaining demons can have whatever little Magatsuhi that are left.” It said annoyed.

“Hey Pixy. What’s happens to the demons here if they don’t get enough Magatsuhi?” He asked.

“Well the demons need it in order to keep their shape and be at full power, if they lose some they need to consume more of it. If a demon loses all of it’s Magatsuhi it dies, it’s soul goes back to the demon world and the body crumbles into dust.” She answered.

“Yup but that’s always how's it been for us. When we leave our own world we need magatsuhi in order to stay the way we were when we arrived. But I already died once, it’s not as bad as others are led to think.” It said.

Hitosyura clenched his fists and got into a fighting stance.

The demon looked at him surprised. “You sure you wanna do this young one?”

He nodded and looked at Pixy with determination in his eyes. Pixy sighed and shrugged with a smile. “Well I figured we’d get into another fight sooner or later.”

“You’ll regret this, I can assure you that.” It proclaimed.

Suddenly the demon’s body started to glow and the demon separated into five copies of himself.

“Zio!” Pixy shouted. A bolt of lightning struck one of the demon’s. It flinched but stood his ground.

“Not good! These guys are resistant to magic!” Pixy cried.

The third demon charged at him Hitosyura threw out his fist and hit it in the face. The demon cried out and disappeared. Suddenly the first two demons started glowing and a green gas started oozing out of them and formed into two copies of the originals.

“What just happened?” Hitosyura asked stepping back.
“This demon is known as a Specter. I’ve heard that high level ones can create copies of themselves. Which means if we take out one two more show up,” Pixy replied.

Hitosyura another punch and another one vanished as the first two started glowing again and oozed out two more copies. “Then how are we supposed to beat him?!”

“You need to defeat the original one. Only then will all the copies disappear.” A voice told him.

“Huh? Who is this?” Hitosyura asked. ‘Is it Hijiri? Did he find another connection?’

“I know not who this Hijiri you speak of is. But I think I can help you.” The voice replied.

A white mist started coming out of Hitosyura’s chest and swirled to his right. It formed the shape of a wolf with a very long body and a fox’s tail on the end. It growled at the demons.

“You’re the demon from before,” Hitosyura said.

“I am Inyu the Inugami. Thanks to your lifeforce I feel much better now. I wish to repay you by swearing my allegiance to you.” He said.

Inyu charged forward with amazing speed and bit one of the demons with such force that it cried out in pain before it vanished. The first two glowed and two more copies appeared.

“How are we supposed to find the original then? They all look the same.” Hitosyura asked.

“The original isn’t resistant to magic. Strike him hard enough and we win.” Inyu answered.

‘It has to be one of the first two, but if we strike the wrong one we’ll get surrounded by all the copies and be attacked from all sides.’ Hitosyura thought.

“You guys find out who the real one is while I cover you!” He cried as he threw another punch. The punch missed the copy by a few inches but it still backed away as two more came to its aid.

‘I have to be careful not to kill them. Though that might be hard to do.’ He thought nervously.

“Zio!” Pixy cried once again.

“Fire Breath!” Inyu cried out.

A bolt of lightning came down shattering the air and from Inyu’s mouth erupted a powerful stream of fire. A mixture of the two fired at the first two Specters. They cried out as the first one vanished instantly and the second one jolted backwards in response to the intense flames. A bright red mark formed on it’s face. The copies started to vanish as Hitosyura was just about to strike again. He sidestepped to look at the last one remaining on the battlefield.

“Master get it now!” Inyu shouted.

Hitosyura nodded and charged at the Specter as fast as his legs could carry him. He thrust forward and punched the demon square in the face. THe demon one last final cry before he himself vanished. With a loud hiss a golden door appeared to the left of the room. It opened with a loud whoosh and in response the magatsuhi in the began to spill outta the room.

“We did it!” Pixy cheered.

“Thanks to you master one of the major veins for Ginza has been freed. Now all the demons in this sector will be able to thrive and the fighting will eventually stop.” Inyu told him.

“Your welcome,” Hitosyura said nervously. ‘I never knew I could make this much of a difference before.’

“We’d better go before the pathway changes.” Pixy said flying towards the open door.

Hitosyura and Inyu followed as they ran through the door. They stepped into a hall that curved to the right. They took a right then a left then another left. They came across a giant golden light that stretched outwards into the distance.

“That must be the way out.” Hitosyura confirmed.

They ran towards the light as fast as they could, the light enveloped them in it’s intense glow. Hitosyura stopped and shielded his eyes. Suddenly the floor was gone and he found himself feeling like he was falling. He landed with a loud thud on what felt like a very hard surface. He uncovered his eyes to find he was in a large circular room. The walls had large red diamonds on them and curved lines emitting an eerie red glow. In the middle of the room was a strange structure with multiple holes in it that connected to the ceiling in a tube like shape. Pixy circled around the structure and he could hear her groaning let she was pulling on something. She gave up then came back.

“There’s a way out over there but it’s locked.” She groaned.

“Hey there’s something in here.” Inyu said. He was staring intensely through one of the holes in the structure.

Hitosyura stepped forward and peeked inside. Inside was what looked like a stage but it was so far down that it looked very small. The stage curtain started to slowly lift upwards. The curtain retracted to reveal a study with bookshelves, a fireplace, two couches and a mounted ram’s head hanging on the wall. A young woman in black clothes appeared to be pushing an old man with long blond hair in a wheelchair. The old man looked up and smiled at Hitosyura.

“So you have come at last, I knew that fate would bring you here.” The lady in black said. “This is the farthest region of Amala, humans refer to it as the underworld.”

She looked up at him with a blank face. “I am sure you are already aware, but many formidable demon lurk in this dark land. This place is home to those who were cast down by God. THey await the day they can be free and fly once again.”

She smiled with tenderness on her face. “A human with the power of a demon. You are still weak and unstable to withstand the flow of magatsuhi in Amala. You may be wondering how you got here then and if you are in danger. But don’t worry we will send you to your original destination.”

Her smile faded back to her blank expression. “It’s time for you to return to Tokyo. There is nothing you can do here at present, return when you are stronger. But allow me to give you something.”

She pulled out a candelabrum and threw in his direction. It landed in his left hand and sank into the skin until it was gone.

“That shall be your guide when you lose your way in your quest for power. It’s known as the Candelabrum of Sovereignty. We shall meet again if fate so desires it. Farewell young one,” the lady in black said.

The curtain started lowered itself with a loud eerie creaking. A bright light flashed and Hitosyura found himself in a small room with a terminal in the middle.

“Can you two hear me?”

“Hijiri?” Hitosyura asked.

“Looks like I can finally reach you. Looks like you made it to Ginza in one piece. I lost track of you and thought that you might’ve gotten trapped in the Amala Network.” Hijiri replied. “Can you look around Ginza and gather information about Hikawa there?”

“No problem,” Hitosyura replied.

“You might run into some tougher demons while you’re there but you can handle them. I’ll try to track down Hikawa some other way, I’m not cut for fighting. Good luck and I’m sure we’ll meet again.” He said. His voice vanished with a loud buzz.

They left the terminal room to find themselves in a large lobby with many fancy pillars holding up the ceiling. A medium sized fountain was in the middle of the room. In front of it was a demon wearing red armor, a red helmet with large horns on it and was riding a black horse. In his left hand was a spear, his right hand gripped the horse’s reigns with such firmness while showing a hint of kindness towards his mount.

“Welcome young one. This is Ginza, a city under the rule of the Assembly of Nihilo. Just make sure you don’t make any trouble here and you’ll have a very nice time.”

Hitosyura walked away. ‘Better not bother that guy. There’s no doubt about it. He stronger than I am, I can tell.’

“Now where to go for this information gathering?” Pixy asked heading towards the door.

The door opened with a whoosh and they stepped into a long hallway with many doors along the far wall.

“Maybe we can start there?” Inyu said motioning towards a set of fancy double doors. A sign beside the door read ‘Devil’s Clock Hand’.

Hitosyura pushed the doors open and stepped inside. It was a very large place with boothes, a few tables, a billiards table, and a drinking corner with strange drinks lining the shelves. ‘A bar?’ Hitosyura thought.

“Welcome young one. Please, have a seat.” A demon said glancing at them from behind the counter. Hitosyura sat down as he got a closer look at the demon. She was a small woman wearing a purple fur coat, had pale white skin, blond hair being kept standing upwards by a weird hat of wires, striking green eyes, long pointed fingers and her lips were as red as a rose in full bloom.

“I am Madam Nyx, I’m co-owner of this bar. You must be new here yes.” She said.

“Yes Miss,” Hitosyura replied.

“Well I’m off, thanks for the drinks Madam Nyx.” A stern voice cried out. Hitosyura looked up to see a demon dressed in the same armor as the one he previously saw in the lobby. He headed out the door in a wobbly fashion and mumbled as he left.

“Those crimson knights of thiers, things have really changed since they came here.” Nyx said sighing as she polished a drinking glass.

“Changed how Madam?” Hitosyura asked.

“Well this Assembly of Nihilo has been taking over towns, demanding we pay Magatsuhi as taxes. As if that stuff isn’t scarce enough as it is.” She answered.
“What can you tell us about them?” Pixy asked.

“Why? Cause if you’re looking to join them you’d be better off joining the Mantra.” She replied.

“Why’s that?” Hitosyura asked.

“Because I can’t say I agree with them. Their leader wishes to create a world of stillness, in other words a world without emotions. I get that many demons and humans alike suffer from guilt, sadness, and hate but getting rid of all emotion will not solve the problem.” Nyx replied.

“Who’s their leader?” Inyu asked.

“There’s a rumor going around that it’s a human but I doubt it. It reminds me of the one rumor that humans are hiding out in the underground tunnels under the warehouse but no one’s been able to prove that one either.” She turned to look at Hitosyura and examined him a little. “You know you look a lot like a human yourself. Though your aura says that you’re a demon.”

Hitosyura nervously and got off the stool. “Thanks for the information Madama Nyx.”

“Good luck out there. And do be careful on the highway if you wish that travel that way. Some nasty birds of prey have made that place their nesting grounds.” She told him.

Hitosyura flashed a thank you smile to her and opened the double doors, leaving musty smell of alcohol behind.
Nocturne: Double-Sided Mirror Chapter 3
Sorry that it took so long everyone. I put my all into this chapter so enjoy. 
Your turn RCpersonagirlXIV 

“So you finally figured it out huh.”

Kaze glanced at his reflection in the mirror. The image suddenly changed. His hair color changed from black to bright red and his eyes formed into dark pools of gray. The reflection’s mouth slowly morphed into a sinister grin.

“How about we take this little chat somewhere more private. Sound good to you?”

The reflection’s right arm moved into view and the hand raised in front of Kaze’s neck. The fingers tightened into a choke hold. Suddenly a strong pressure began to force itself on Kaze’s neck. Kaze’s hands quickly moved to his neck but nothing was there. Somehow the reflection was choking him! He moved his hands up and down his neck trying to find some way to stop it but there appeared to be nothing he could do. The pressure struck with such force that Kaze’s vision started to fade and the room slowly started turning into an inky blackness. Kaze’s knees gave way as he struggled to lean against the nearest wall. His arms slumped at his sides and his eyes closed as his body dropped to the floor.

“Hey get up! Wake up now will you!”

Kaze quickly opened his eyes. He found himself in a barren landscape with nothing but clear white in the distance. The sky was a light blue with the sun shining down on him. Kaze lifted his left hand to shield his eyes.

“Huh?” He glanced at his hand and was bright red. He looked down to find that the ground was covered with blood. He stood up quickly and felt the blood squish as his feet moved this way and that.

“So you’re finally awake.”

Kaze turned and saw the black sword sticking out of the blood filled ground. On top of the blade was….himself?! The person jumped down and smiled. He looked just like him! His height was the same, his clothes were the same, the shape of his face was the same, his eyes were the same bright green. The only difference was that the hair color was bright red instead of black.

“It’s about time man. It’s been ten minutes already, man you sleep like a log.”

The stranger jumped down and smiled at Kaze.

“Who are you?”

“Really? You don’t remember me. Think back for a moment about that little event at the park,” the stranger replied resting his head on his left hand.

“That event at the park?” Kaze said. Suddenly his mind flashed back to the killer and the strange voice that spoke to him. “You don’t mean you’re…”

“Bingo. You can call me Axenus. I’m the black sword also known as a cursed soul weapon thanks to you Nightmare Knights.”

Kaze looked down. “But I’m not one of them.” Kaze straightened up and placed the palm of his right hand against his chest. “I’m human.”

“Oh really?” Axenus took his head off his hand and pointed behind Kaze. “Then what’s that over there?”

Kaze looked behind him to find his soul weapon sticking out of the ground a few inches away from him.

“That soul weapon’s protecting you you know. If it wasn’t for that sword your mind would be consumed by me and you’d be a bloodthirsty killer by now. No human has that kind of protection,” Axenus told him.

Kaze turned back to Axenus. “Where are we right now?”

“A special place inside your head of course. This is a special landscape that only cursed soul weapons and their wielders can enter. Looks like I bonded with you well enough to bring you here. I do apologize for the entrance fee though but knocking you out seemed to be the only option.”

“This is one messed up place to meet up then.” Kaze said looking back down at the blood filled ground.

“That’s your blood you know,” Axenus said.

Kaze looked at him with a startled look. “My blood…”

Kaze glared at Axenus and without thinking charged at him. “You bastard, you killed me didn’t you!”

“Hold it right there.” Just as Kaze was about to reach him a black mouth formed on the ground and extended out towards Kaze. Kaze stopped in his tracks and stepped back.

“I didn’t kill you. You really think I would kill my new host so quickly.”

The mouth disappeared to show an image of Kaze lying in bed. “I’m alive?”

“Of course you are. Two minutes after I knocked you out your parents came home and found you collapsed in the bathroom. They couldn’t wake you so they carried you to your room and put you to bed. They’re calling the doctor as we speak.”

“Then how is this my blood if I’m not dead?”

Axenus put his right arm around his head and placed his right on the back. He faced changed to a sudden nervous look as if he had something to confess. “Well to put this into the simplest of terms my link with you kind of didn’t go as planned. Normally when a soul weapon is formed for the first time it links up with your mind, body and spirit. Forever binding itself with your being. It’s the same with cursed soul weapons. But my link was interrupted with you. That sword of yours grabbed me and instead of binding you completely with me I was only able to bind with a fraction of your mind before being imprisoned by your blood. A soul weapon takes it’s form from the wielders blood so it bound me to your blood in order to keep me imprisoned and in check. So that’s why we have no choice but to meet like this.”

Axenus sighed, retracted his right arm, and placed his right hand on his side. “This wasn’t what I had in mind. But I have to warn you, if you had touched me just now you would’ve broken the chain releasing me from your weapon’s hold and allowing me to freely link up with you. In other words you would be able to use my power for whatever you wished but then your willpower would be the only thing standing in the way of me and full control. Your weapon saw that your mind was troubled and wasn’t ready so it chained me down.”

Kaze looked back at his sword and saw a reddish chain extending from the hilt into the pool of blood. He turned back to the black sword and saw that the end of the chain was hooked to the hilt.

“Man you must dealing with some troubling issues if your weapon is the only defense you have. You can’t get your mind together it seems.”

Kaze froze up and then slumped a little. ‘I guess since he linked up with a part of my mind he can tell what state it’s in. I don’t know who to trust, my friend got poisoned and got better so fast it was like it never happened, scary monsters I never even knew existed started popping up everywhere, and to top it all off I’m thrown into this reality that apparently everyone thinks I’m supposed to accept right off the bat.’

“So why not accept it?”

“Huh?” Kaze said surprised.

Axenus smiled. “I just heard most of what you were thinking you know. But I couldn’t hear all of it though.”

“How am I supposed to accept everything that’s been happening so far? How am I supposed to accept that I’m not human?!” Kaze blurted out angrily.

“I accepted it. But I guess it was a lot easier for me than it is for you.”

“Wait,” Kaze froze and looked at Axenus with a confused look. “What do you mean by that?”

“Believe or not I was just like you once. I was a Nightmare Knight.”

“What??” Kaze asked almost speechless. Stiffened for a few seconds and then relaxed. ‘He’s probably just pulling my leg. A trick to get me let my guard down. He probably just wants me to feel sympathy for him.’

“Now why would I ever have any reason to pull such a prank on you. Given my current state your weapon would tighten my chain if it knew I was lying. It’s true I was once a Nightmare Knight, I had a regular human looking body just like you.”

“If that’s true then how did you end becoming part of your weapon and why do you want to kill humans so much? Lily and Stephano told me that Nightmare Knights are supposed to protect humanity.”

Axenus looked down and sighed. He looked so sad all of a sudden. “To tell you the truth I don’t even know myself. I don’t know how I ended up this way but all I know is that I used to be a Nightmare Knight.”

The image of Kaze’s body in bed changed to show a busy street with Axenus leaning against the wall of a building. Except that he still looked like Kaze but with red hair in the image. “I used to fight monsters and carry out missions. And outside of all of that I tried to live a normal life.”

The image changed to show Axenus fighting in Crimson Night Hell. Chopping monsters in half with his sword and he continued even when blood started spraying on him. The sword looked pretty much the same as it did now except that there was a golden orb on the back. ‘So that’s what the black spot on the back was.’ Kaze thought.

Behind Axenus were five black figures using their own weapons to fight the monsters. But the black figures had no features at all, not even a face. And their weapons were completely white with no distinguishing features at all. “Who are those black figures behind you?”

“They were once my teammates but strangely enough I cannot remember what they looked like. Nor can I remember anymore what I looked like.”

The image changed to show a small white room with Axenus in the middle tied to a wooden chair. He was beaten up pretty badly and had huge gashes on his arms and legs.

“However I got careless at one point and the Special Forces found out about me. They captured me and tried to get information from me. But no matter how much they tortured me I refused to answer them. They got so angry with me that they were even considering electrocuting me in order to get me to talk.”

The image changed to show him running through empty streets. Panting heavily trying to escape from something. “I was barely able to get out of there. But SPF (Special Forces) officers were still hot on my trail. I didn’t know where to go and I couldn’t go back home so I just kept running but they got me.”

A gunshot rang out as a bullet shot into Axenus’ chest. Axenus’ face twisted into an expression of pure fear as he collapsed on the concrete. A figure stood above him smiling, the eyes reflecting an icy glare. Blood started oozing out of Axenus’ chest as the body twitched, trying to move with all it’s might.

“I was at death’s door and I couldn’t do anything to save myself. When I say that wicked smile and icy glare my mind was suddenly overwhelmed by anger. I was thinking: How dare they do this to me? I didn’t do anything wrong!’ My mind was filled with the desire of revenge and before I knew it I started wishing that I could kill him. That I could watch him being struck down and know exactly how I felt at that moment. I felt my last breath escape me and I grew limb. The last thing I saw was the golden glow of my sword.”

Then the image turned completely black. “After that the world was completely black. I felt strange, like I was pulled out of existence altogether. I assumed I was dead at first but then a red light enveloped me in it’s glow.”

The blackness was engulfed in a crimson red. “I suddenly felt a sudden hunger for humans and an unquenchable thirst for blood. My mind was overwhelmed by the very thought waves and I began to fall under it’s control. It felt like I had no choice but to surrender to that feeling and I did.”

The image brightened back up and showed that empty street with the SPF officer again. “The world became bright and colorful again and I found myself lying on the ground right in front of the SPF officer who killed me. I felt the hunger for his flesh and blood, and felt my mouth open, aching for a chance to just have one taste. He looked down at me terrified, his icy glare and smiling face turned into one of pure fear. He started backing away but I already had him in my sights. I lunged at him and ate him whole.”

The image vanished and Axenus looked back at Kaze with a sad expression on his face. “After that I turned into a ruthless killer who wanted nothing more than to see blood and death at my wake. I took over many people and alluded detection by both the NK and the SPF by any means necessary. I was so lost within the bloodlust and anger that I forgot who I once was. I’m afraid that a lot of my memories are probably lost within the fabric of time. So I can’t stop myself from wanting to take over your mind and twist it into the ruthless killer I want you to become.”

Axenus’ lips then turned into a sinister smile and Kaze backed away terrified. ‘So this guy really does wanna turn me into a serial killer! And he says that he used to be a Nightmare Knight? That’s impossible! Holy crap, how am I supposed to survive if this maniac stays inside of me?!


“He said that his name was Axenus right?” Lily asked walking into the room.

Kaze nodded. Shortly after Kaze started panicking he felt light headed and collapsed. He opened his eyes and found himself in bed early the next morning. He called Lily and Stephano in a panic and told them everything. Lily told him that she would look into it and see what she could find. Two days later Lily called Kaze up and told him to meet her at her apartment. He, Jason, Jackson and Lily sat in a circle in the living room. The living had a medium sized couch, two recliners and a long wooden table with a smooth glass surface in the middle of the room. Lily sat down in one of the recliners and placed a rectangular yellow envelope onto the table.

“You don’t have a tv Lily?” Jason asked.

“Nope. I’m not home enough to watch tv so I don’t see the point in having one.” Lily replied.

“Where’s Stephano?” Kaze asked.

“Couldn’t make it. Said he had a special family dinner to attend,” Lily replied. She placed her hand on the envelope and slid it towards Kaze. “Anyway this was all the basic information I was able to borrow from the records department. Check to see if you recognize anyone.”

Kaze picked up the envelope and opened it. Inside were three piles of stapled documents. Each one had a person’s photograph on the first page next to their age, their gender and their rank. On the second page was a picture of their soul weapon with it’s skill and combat stats listed below. The first pile belonged to a girl named Axenos Windthrow that had a two handed staff as her weapon, though at first glance she looked more like a boy rather than a girl. The second belonged to a middle aged man named Thomas Axenus Clareson whose weapon was a lance and was ranked as a Commander before he passed away twenty years ago. The third pile belonged to a guy named Axenus Trailus, the photo showed a seventeen year old boy with short red hair and deep gray eyes. Kaze quickly flipped to the next page to find a picture of the black sword with its combat stats listed below. But the skill was listed as unknown. And there were only three pages in his pile while the other two had six. ‘That’s strange,’ Kaze thought.

“This is him I’m certain of it.” Kaze said sliding the paper over to Lily. “How come there isn’t as much information about him as there are with the others?”

“Cause unlike the other two he didn’t live for very long. Axenus Trailus, born 1954 and died 1971. He was the youngest person ever to achieve a First Lieutenant ranking. Plus he was the first Nightmare Knight to conjure up a black soul weapon. Now a days that color’s as common as any of the others but he was the first. The golden orb on the back of the blade seems to be what that mysterious black spot you mentioned once was. He was a passionate young man who seemed to be a born leader but he was very violent and he had the physical prowess to back it up. His team was assigned to the exploration section that at the time was split up into two groups. One group handled maintaining the monster population to a certain degree and studying the monsters strengths and weaknesses so that we wouldn’t have that much trouble over on our side. While the other one handled exploring and mapping out Crimson Night Hell to the best of their abilities. That was the group that his team was assigned to. At the time the NK was short on bases in CNH so his job was to find places where they could be built. In the month of May of 1971 his team reported finding something very strange.”

“Strange?” Kaze asked.

Lily nodded. “According to his report they found a small trail of ice going onwards into the distance. Since at the time that part of CNH was too dangerous for anyone to go too far on their own they were prohibited from going any further without teaming up with two other squads. But shortly after that he mysteriously went missing for three days. By what you told me before it seems he was captured by the Special Forces (SPF). His teammates were in a panic and searched for him aimlessly. And much to their horror they found him dead, his body lying limp on an empty street. His weapon wasn’t there so everyone assumed that it just vanished like it was supposed to but it looks like it became a cursed soul weapon. Over the years there were strange rumors of a black sword but since no evidence was found at each site everyone just thought that they were made up. But it looks like they were all true.”

“But how did he become a part of his weapon and why did he gain such a strong desire to kill and eat people?” Jason asked.

Lily crossed her arms and sighed. “I’m afraid that I just don’t know. That’s where my part of the information runs out. It’s true that some of the scientists formerly on Dr. Origia’s team did decide to continue their research on cursed soul weapons but they never got the chance to touch that far on the mental level of things. So their notes can’t help us with stuff like how and why. But one thing that they were clear on is that some cursed soul weapons had what seemed to be a strong enough willpower to communicate with humans while others just seemed beyond help, lost in the rageful and angry thoughts.

‘Just like that black axe that thoughtlessly murdered those gang members back at the forest,’ Kaze thought. ‘But Axenus doesn’t seem to be all that different. He accepts the bloodlust and actually states that he wants to turn me into a killer. But he can still talk to me, tell me stuff, and behaves himself instead of striking my weapon in order to release the chain. I wonder if it’s possible…’

Kaze looked at Lily and opened his mouth to speak. But before he could say anything Lily raised her hand signaling him to stop. “And before you ask, I have no idea how to remove the cursed soul weapon from your body. Even if we did try it, without the right people to help you out it could have disastrous effects on your body. Right now your soul weapon is the only thing that’s keeping you sane, if that chain breaks I don’t know how you’ll be able to handle all that bloodlust and anger flowing into your mind.”

“So I’m supposed to just share my body with him...or it for the rest of my life?” Kaze asked frustrated.

“Hopefully it doesn’t come down to that. Axenus told you that he lost some of his memories so that means they have either faded away or are being blocked by the powerful force of the rage filled thoughts. So maybe over time he’ll remember something useful that can help us. Maybe we can even find something out on our own as well.” Lily replied.

Lily looked at Jackson who appeared to be deep in thought. “By the way, have any of you explained to him about our ‘plan’ yet?” She asked motioning over to him.

Kaze and Jason shook their heads. Lily expression changed as if to say ‘leave this to me’ as she turned to Jackson. “Jackson.” He looked up at Lily and sudden surprise came across his face when he saw her serious look. “How much information about CNH have you been made aware of?”

Jackson hesitated for a few seconds looking like he wasn’t sure on what she meant. But he must’ve figured out since his face calmed down as his eyes gleamed with curiosity. “Not much. When I arrived at the New York base that handles this city among a few others, it had such a secretive atmosphere. In fact it felt like the higher ups were keeping something from us all.”

“Would you like to find out what that ‘something’ is?” Lily asked.

Jackson looked at her shocked. “You mean that you want to defy the ‘no investigating rule’? You know what will happen if you’re found out, especially if it’s by our Leader.”

Lily smiled. “I am fully aware of that. But that’s what makes this all the more interesting.”

Jackson turned towards Kaze and Jason. “And you two don’t mind going through with this?”

Kaze and Jason shook their heads. “They were the ones who suggested that we do such a thing.” Lily told him.

Jackson calmed down and looked downwards. He was deep in thought for several minutes before looking back up at Lily. “Well you guys have definitely piqued my interest. Ever I found out that I was a Nightmare Knight I was always very curious as to why those monsters exist and why we are the only ones who witness the Nightmare Clock striking the hour and it’s crossings. Sure I’ll help you guys out. I have a lotta questions I want answered.”

“Well then welcome aboard.” Lily said holding out her right hand towards him. Jackson looked at it confused then smiled as he grasped it with his left hand and shook it.

“Now all we need to do is get Rose on it. I don’t think Shane would be completely on our side even if he did join us. Anderson however might but I don’t know, that guy usually keeps to himself a lot.” Jackson said letting go of Lily’s hand.

“Speaking of which when are we gonna meet Rose?” Jason asked with a big goofy smile plastered on his face.

Lily smiled amusingly. “Sorry Jason but I don’t think you’re her type.”

Jason jumped back in a cringed position. Lily, Kaze and Jackson laughed at his reaction. Kaze calmed down and looked at them as Jason tried to get Rose’s type out of Lily. ‘Am I actually enjoying myself with them right now?’

Kaze gripped his jacket with his right hand over his chest. ‘Back at school I used to try to communicate with people and I did try to have fun with others every once in awhile. But now that I think about it, I never truly felt like I belonged no matter what group of people I was with. So why do I suddenly feel like I do?’

Kaze shook his head hard and put his hand on his lap. ‘No, I’m not one of them. At present I don’t know if getting close to them is such a good thing to do.’

“Don’t worry you’ll get to see her, Friday night actually.” Lily told Jason.

“Friday night?” Kaze asked snapping back to reality.

“Yup our entire squad is gonna participate in a multi-raid mission this weekend.” Lily replied.

“What’s a multi-raid mission?” Jason asked.

“I think I’ve heard of it. Isn’t it a type of mission where four to five squads storm the location of a monster’s nest?” Jackson said.

“Yes. There will be five squads total and the location happens to be in a district between Acrouss and Cybrois. The five squads will split the job three ways. The strongest group will go after the strongest monsters there basically the mothers, bosses or whatever you want to call them. We are gonna team up with another squad that has the same standing as us and work on eliminating as much of the brood as possible.” Lily paused and walked into the next room then sat back down. She had three large yellowish brown envelopes in her hand and handed them each one. “Inside you’ll find all the information you need including the names and stats of the squad we’ll be working with. You’ll need to memorize this information as well as be at your very best when we head out.”

End of Chapter 12 

The Witching Hour Chapter 12
Chapter 12 is finally out for your viewing pleasure. I must admit I did wanna make it longer but I decided against it at the last minute so Chapter 13 is gonna mention the parts I had planned on in this one. Oh don't worry you'll love what I have in store for you next. 

Hitosyura stood before the steps of the Tower of Creation. He looked upwards but he couldn’t see the top. The tower seemed to stretch onwards into the heavens. The sun shone brightly on it giving it a nice glow that seemed to resonate through the air itself. The barren landscape surrounding the tower, a once prosperous land, was all that remained on the surface of this world. Human settlements lay here and there, alone and forgotten.

While some of them had the honor of sheltering the demons, the others were too broken up to even be considered anything anymore. Some structures made by the demons in their own world however suddenly appeared and completely intact. The line between the demon realm and the human realm was broken and very close to being torn apart forever. The demons thought that they finally weren’t exiled anymore, that they finally could live on the surface just as they did in the days of old. But their happiness would be short lived. For the highest ranking demons found out that the former world came to an end only so that it could be remade as a certain human say fit. The result of destroying the former world brought about a broken down one that seemed to generate a countdown to destruction. What only a certain amount of demons found out was that if the world wasn’t remade it would collapse and be destroyed forever. The humans that survived the event known as the Conception were the ones who would decide the fate of the future. So in order to survive they picked sides and joined the human whose ideals they agreed with. While others decided to rebel and fight against the surviving humans but all to no avail. The humans summoned demonic gods and gained powers that let them take control or obliterate the demon groups. The ones that got away and refused to bow down and surrender lived in hiding or returned to hell.

It wasn’t until those who were close to giving up hope heard of a demi-fiend. A being of incredible power that was taking down anyone in his way. Freed countless demons from imprisonment, defeated the four horsemen of death, conquered one of the Assembly of Nihilo’s bases, saved Oberon and Titania from the slavery of an evil murderer, and even Lucifer the proud ruler of all demonkind respected him. Most of them were shocked when they found out it was Hitosyura. A former human given demonic powers by the Devil himself. He was definitely what the demons expected him to be and so much more. He gave them hope and instead of destroying them he looked at them with an open mind and understanding. He told the demons that the God of Creation proclaimed that the demons themselves had no say in this world’s future. In other words they couldn’t present their own will to the God and create a world for themselves. So Hitosyura told them that if they killed the surviving humans and their gods he would be the only one left to carry on a will to the God. He told the that he would never have survived the Conception if he wasn’t given his powers and became part demon. He had met many demons on this broken up world and began to help them and accept them as they were. So he decided to defy the God of Creation and convince him to create a world where the demons and humans could have their own worlds, separately but still connected to each other. The demons supported him and the strongest ones joined his army to storm the tower and fight against the God of Creation.

“You sure that you want to do this?”

Hitosyura turned to find Pixy, his most trusted and loyal demon, hovering by his left shoulder. She had her on his shoulder and rubbed it in a comforting way.

“Once we go up there, there’s no turning back. You’ll have to do the unthinkable. Killing a demon and killing a human are two totally different things.”

“It’s alright,” he replied. “With what I have planned they won’t be dead for too long.”

He turned to look back at his demonic army. Demons of great power and size stood before him. Armed to the teeth and ready for the battle that will hopefully secure their future. Their yellow and red eyes gleamed, some lifted up their weapons while others beared their flashing razor sharp teeth. “The time has come everyone. Let’s conquer this accursed tower! For I will make sure that the rebirth of my world will create a brand new one for all demonkind!”

Some demons waved their weapons above their heads, some unleashed roars that shook the air, and the magic users called upon the land for elemental support. Hitosyura turned back towards the tower and started climbing up the first set of stairs.

‘Then everything can finally go back to the way things were for us’ He thought.


Hitosyura felt dizzy and lightheaded as he slowly started to feel his body coming back under his control.

“Magatama are the source of demonic power. Thanks to this gift you were able to survive the chaotic event caused by a son of man’s foolishness. You have now joined the ranks of demons.” A boy’s voice told him. It felt like it was coming from inside of him. ‘Feels like the voice is inside my head.’

“My little master is always watching you, so please make sure not to bore him.” A female’s voice echoed through his head this time.

Hitosyura opened his eyes and sat up. He shook his head and stood up. He looked around, he was in a medium sized room. In front of him was a silver tray with bloody surgical tools and a towel. Behind him was a small bed, probably where he was put by that strange boy. On the far wall were three cupboards with an I.V. standing in front of them, a door in the middle and a bench. He turned to his left and saw that the wall had many small rectangle compartments lined up in a row. Inches away was a desk with a single chair. A few inches away seemed to be a small camera hanging from the ceiling pointed at his bed. Hitosyura turned to his left, on the wall were more rows of rectangular compartments and one of them was open. He walked over and saw that a long tray was pulled out with a long white cloth covering something large underneath. He raised his right hand and slowly pulled the bottom of the cloth up. Feet, legs, a man’s chest, and then the cloth fell to the floor as it lost it’s hook on the tray. Hitosyura gasped. It was a dead body. It’s skin brittle and pale, the chest barely showing any volume, and it’s cracked toenails. An uneasiness welled up inside of him, he quickly covered his mouth with his right hand and turned away.

Suddenly he felt a sharp jolt in his mind. He looked back at his hand and saw that it was glowing a faint blue. The glow seemed to stretch around some strange black markings that covered his hand all the wall up his arm. He lifted his left hand. And found that strange black markings were covering that hand and the arm as well. Beside his bed seemed to be a small dresser with a lamp and a small mirror. He walked over to it and with a shaking hand picked up the mirror. He looked in it and couldn’t believe his eyes. ‘Is this me?’ It was his face but the eyes were surrounded with black markings extending downwards to his cheeks and further down to his chest. The markings seemed to look different the further they went. There were even lines that extended to his back. He tried to turn the mirror to his back but he couldn’t get a clear picture of what it was. But he could see the back of his neck clearly. Sticking out of the back was something long and black pointed upwards. He reached back and felt it. It felt rough but smooth and was sharp. ‘Is this a horn?’

His mind flashed back to the strange boy and the old woman dressed in black. The strange boy holding out a strange looking bug with a chainsaw like mouth. “Did that boy do this to me?”

He glanced at the door and put the mirror back down. “I’ve gotta go find Chiaki and Isamu. I need to find out what’s happening to me.”

The door opened with a whoosh and he stepped out. Hitosyura found himself in a short hall that lead to two hallways, one on the left and one on the right. On the right was a round blue sphere hovering in midair, it almost looked like it was on fire. Hitosyura carefully walked over to it. The blue sphere split in half to reveal a transparent shape that seemed to take the form of a man. But it was completely white, even it’s eyes seemed empty and lifeless.

“Um hello,” Hitosyura said.

“What are you staring at me for?”

Hitosyura jumped. ‘It can talk?’

“What’s with that look? Don’t you know it’s rude to stare at a soul like that. Did you spend your entire demonic life in a cave or something? Youngsters these days I tell ya.”

“I’m...sorry. Do you know where I am?”

The soul gave him a questionable look. “You’re in the Shinjuku Medical Center’s basement. Where you just came out of was the room where they dissect dead bodies. Did you go in there seeking a meal? Look I know some of you demons are cannibals but please I don’t wanna hear about it.”

The blue sphere started forming around the figure again. “Wait, did you see any humans come by here?” Hitosyura asked.

The man lifted his arm and pointed to the right. “No but I did start hearing something very strange from the next room over moments before you showed up. Go check it out if you want.”

The blue sphere engulfed the man’s figure and it returned to it’s previous state. Hitosyura turned to the right hallway and started walking. He didn’t go far before he heard strange noises as well. He turned and saw a door that had a strange sign on the front that was glowing red. As he walked closer to it the noises got louder. He looked closer at the glowing sign. ‘It looks similar to what I saw in that dark room with Mr. Hikawa.’

The door opened to reveal a medium sized room with a long round cylinder in the middle with strange symbols etched around it. It stood upright on a small stool with it’s strange symbols faintly glowing in the dim light. Kneeling down next to it was a man wearing a mysterious trench coat, carried a white bag strapped across his chest, and had a hat in his right hand. His left hand was on the cylinder’s surface as his head moved from left to right. He turned and saw Hitosyura. His face formed a confused look as he stood up. “Aren’t you the kid I met at the park?”

He took one look at Hitosyura and gasped. “What happened to you?”

Hitosyura shook his head. “I don’t know.”

The man sighed. “Well at least you still think like a human. I don’t know if you remember me but I’m Joji Hijiri, I gave you that magazine in the park.So do you know what the hell’s going on? I was walking out of the park and then all of sudden I saw a bright light. I shut my eyes and when I opened them again I was in here. I took a quick look around and it looks like I’m in the Shinjuku Medical Center.” He placed his left hand back on the cylinder. “This thing must’ve brought me here.”

He put his hand down again. “Anyways, as much as I would like to go out there and find out what’s going on. I don’t it’s safe for me to go walking around. This entire building has become infested with demons and there’s this gigantic one guarding the front entrance. One false move and I’ll be done for. Considering all this strange stuff that’s been happening I might have to seriously consider the possibility. The Conception could have occurred for real.”

‘The Conception?’ Hitosyura thought.

Hijiri turned towards the cylinder. “I’ve seen this barrel like device somewhere before. If memory serves me, it belongs to a man named Hikawa. He must have something to do with all of this”

‘Was that strange man I saw before with that demon Hikawa?’ “Who’s Hikawa Mr. Hijiri?” Hitosyura asked.

“He’s the head of a very successful company in Shinjuku. I saw a smaller version of this device in the main branch office’s lobby. At the time I had no idea it would have anything to do with all of this. There’s got to more to this.”

Hijiri turned towards Hitosyura. “If you’re strong enough to fight those demons, will you gather information for me? I tried talking to what looked like a ghost but no luck. I have no idea what happened to the world and I have no idea how many other humans are out there. We can only answer that by finding someone else. I wish I could join you but I’m afraid I would be no match against those demons. Besides I would like to spend some time examining this device. There’s an elevator across the hall. I’m counting on you kid.”

Hitosyura turned around and left. He walked till the end of the hall and sure enough there was an elevator on the left. As he walked over it he began to feel a strong presence. He stopped, the air suddenly smelled faintly of blood and felt like something was clawing it’s way towards him. He cautiously reached the elevator and pushed the button. The doors opened and suddenly ripples appeared in front of him and a bright light flashed. Hitosyura shielded his eyes. The light faded just as quickly as it came. Hitosyura put his arms down and looked around. He was now suddenly at the entrance to a strange long tunnel. The walls were goldish brown with a large red stripe near the bottom that stretched downwards. Strange red lights flowed all around him. The ceiling was golden brown with a clear stripe at the top with what looked like red liquid flowing through it. There was barely any light and he could see only darkness at the other end of the tunnel.

Suddenly the tunnel became clearer and two figures appeared ahead of him. One was a young woman dressed in black. She wore a black vial over her face so all he could see was her line lips smiling at him. Beside her was an old man that looked to be in his 50s or early 60s in a gray wheelchair. He wore a grayish white suit with black shoes and was carrying a small cane with a goat’s head at the top in his right hand. Something seemed very familiar about the old man. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but something seemed off about the old man.  

“Come,” a voice echoed in Hitosyura’s head. “Show me the strength of a demon.”

Then they vanished out of nowhere. Hitosyura cautiously walked down the tunnel until he reached what seemed to look like water on the floor. It flowed onward into the next part of the tunnel. The water splished and splashed as he put his feet in it. It wasn’t very deep but Hitosyura couldn’t see the bottom, the water was so cloudy that he couldn’t even see the lower part of his legs or his feet. The water was the oddest color of all. It was orange and white and Hitosyura dared not even question how it got that way.

“Come,” the voice echoed again. But this time it sounded like it was farther away. Hitosyura ran towards the voice. The tunnel wasn’t very long and he stopped in front of a strange circular door. The large part of it was yellow and in the middle was a small red circle. He placed his hand against it and it opened. It lead him to a small fork in the road. On the tunnel on the left the young woman and old man appeared again. “This way,” the voice said. The old man and the young woman vanished as quickly as they came. Hitosyura ran after them. The tunnel curved and shifted upwards to another circular door. He placed his hand on it and it opened with a loud swoosh.

Hitosyura entered a medium sized circular room. The walls were red with brown stripes that curved into circles enveloping what looked small tanks of red water that bubbled up to the ceiling. The old man and the young woman were in the middle of the room. They were standing on what looked like clear orange glass with a small circle shaped yellow platform in the middle.

“So you made it.” The voice echoed in his head. “No ordinary human could survive the demonic pressure that that pathway generates. Not to mention that that pathway has many demons wandering through it but they mostly avoided this area for some reason and now I know why. If your aura is that strong then you must have some potential.”

The old man smiled. “Perhaps you shall entertain me after all. We shall meet again soon.”

Suddenly the surrounding room got all blurry and started to fade from sight. A bright light flashed and suddenly Hitosyura was no longer in the mysterious room. He was back in the basement in front of the elevator. It was as if nothing happened. ‘What was that?’ Hitosyura wondered.

He pressed the elevator’s button but this time the elevator opened nothing happened. He stepped inside. It was a regular old elevator, nothing weird about it. There were four buttons marked Roof, 2F, 1F, and B1F.

He pushed the one marked 2F and the elevator hummed as it moved. It stopped and it's doors opened with a small ding. He stepped out and found himself at a forked hallway with clear glass windows on the right and left that curved onwards. Hitosyura peeked through the glass windows, down below was a garden of trees and beds of flowers. He heard a strange noise nearby. He turned to see that a door to his left was slightly ajar. He stepped in front of it and the double doors flew open with a whoosh. It led to a small hallway with a glass ceiling and glass walls. Potted plants were lined up in two rows under the glass. In front of was a doorway with a card slot and a panel next to it with a small keyboard.

"Sorry but that door's locked," a voice told him.

Hitosyura turned to his right and looked down. Out of the nearest potted plant flew a small fairy. She was wearing a blue dress that covered her entire body, her hair was bright red, and her wings fluttered about as she hovered next him.

"Never seen a demon like you before, who are you?"

"I'm Hitosyura," he replied surprised.

"Hmm how strange that's a human name. And you look human too but your aura and blue markings say that you're a demon."

"Are you a fairy?"

She crossed her arms with a confused look. "Shouldn't that be obvious. You've never seen a pixie before? Where are you from anyway?"

"I'm from a city neighboring Tokyo." Hitosyura replied. 'I've only seen fairies in picture books when I was a kid but I never thought that they were real.'

"You must be a major loner then cause my kind flies around that area all the time and I've never heard of someone like you."

'I think I just got stabbed in the heart; and by a fairy? Why do I feel like I just hit a major low.' Hitosyura thought with embarrassment.

Hitosyura cleared his throat. "Have you seen any humans around here?"

"No but I heard some of the souls around here say that they saw one go through here. But the door's locked so whoever it was probably lost the key card. I heard some Pretas fooling around here before picked it up."

Suddenly the fairy's expression changed. She uncrossed her arms and smiled at him. "Maybe we can help each other out. You see I'm looking for someone to escort me to Yoyogi Park. But I can't leave this hospital because a demon calling himself Forneus is guarding the entrance. He's powerful for me but if someone else was there with me then I'd be able to kill him and escape. You look a little weak but I can look past that for this. We fight the Pretas, get the keycard and then we kill Fornteus. We both get out of here and find our friends. What do you say?"

'She's offering me to team up with her? That actually might be a good thing. I have no idea how to fight these demons and the faster I get outta here the sooner I can find my friends. Maybe they survived whatever happened.'

"Okay I'll take you to Yoyogi Park," Hitosyura told her.

The pixie laughed happily and flew onto his shoulder. "It's a pleasure doing business with you. You can call me Pixy."


"Yeah well we fairies aren't that big on names. But enough about me let's go."  

Nocturne: Double Sided Mirror Chapter 1
This a the first chapter of a fan fiction story me and a girl named Rachel Swank are going ta work on together. It's based off of the Shin Megami Tensei game Nocturne and this entire story came to life because we thought beyond the game's original endings. Both of us have different ideas for we thought the game should have ended. We decided to write our ideas as a fan fiction series. We kinda take turns doing a chapter like for example I do chapter 1, she does chapter 2, then I do chapter 3. Stuff like that. This tells the story of what I think should've happened at the end. Enjoy! 



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Chapter 5 of The Witching Hour is finally out. I don't know if anybody's reading it since there aren't any comments. But if anyone has been thank you very much. My partner, Fiama, and I work very hard on every chapter and are always looking forward to write what happens next. We love doing it and it's gonna go ever further cause the skies the limit! 


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I'm a writer who loves anime and manga. I love adventure, fantasy, Sci-fi, supernatural, action; to put it simply I love anything that doesn't involve anything about the real world. Some anime that I love are Cyborg 009, Yu-gi-oh, Vanguard, Guyver, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and many more. I'm a writer of new projects and I would love ta try Fanfiction someday.


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